iHost update 1.9.0 is a joke?

I updated iHost from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0.
Apparently everything went well.
After the update, the displayed version remained 1.8.0 and there is no change. It is very likely that the update failed.
The update no longer appears on the settings page.
I don’t understand what happened and whether the update was successful or not.

Maybe its too obvious, but you have to reboot ihost after the upgrade, in my case worked well

iHost restarted automatically after the update, but as a possible solution I also restarted it.
Unfortunately, the displayed version remained 1.8.0 and as a bonus the scenes on iHost are executed with a delay of 5 to 15 seconds. At the moment, the so-called local server works as if it were on the Moon and not 2 meters away from the devices.

The update link reappeared and this time I managed to update to version 1.9.0.
Unfortunately, the shit named pompous iHost no longer executes any orders!!!
All devices are displayed, but no device can be controlled, no scene is executed.
It is curious that the motion sensor detects motion and is displayed in CAST but not on the iHost administration page.
Thanks for the update, you managed to turn a mediocre device into an unusable electronic waste.

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Sorry for the unpleasant experience first, and please submit the system logs via the feedback button in Settings, please also include your eWeLink account and the iHost device id, we’ll do some check.

Por aqui correu tudo bem, talvez seja o seu cartão de memória.
A versão 1.9.0 trouxe várias melhorias, só não testei o acesso a dispositivos seriais USB ainda.
No mais tudo OK.