Good news, update 1.10.0 has arrived, bad news iHost works catastrophically

Today, September 17, 2023, I updated iHost to version 1.10.0.
Unfortunately, the iHost update is the same as the Windows updates, which is why I install them without trust because I often had problems.
This time was no different.
After the update, my iHost executes the 8 smart scenes extremely hard or not at all!
It is extremely frustrating that every time there are problems.
Too bad there is no roll back option.

You can provide the logs to the ewelink team for analysis at help center

Sorry to hear that,
May i know what exactly those scenes are? screenshots and logs would be help.

Yup it works very bad

If you access iHost less often and there are 2-3 updates to Add-ons and ihost firmware, then it is advisable to check each time when the update was published so that you can estimate for which firmware version it is compatible .
It seems that my problem was due to the fact that I first updated iHost and later eWeLink Smat Home.
I had to uninstall ewelink Add-on and reinstall it.
Now it seems to work.
After the iHost update, I had to restart Turbo Mode again, which was initially active but was deactivated after the update.

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