Good news, update 1.10.0 has arrived, bad news iHost works catastrophically

Today, September 17, 2023, I updated iHost to version 1.10.0.
Unfortunately, the iHost update is the same as the Windows updates, which is why I install them without trust because I often had problems.
This time was no different.
After the update, my iHost executes the 8 smart scenes extremely hard or not at all!
It is extremely frustrating that every time there are problems.
Too bad there is no roll back option.

You can provide the logs to the ewelink team for analysis at help center

Sorry to hear that,
May i know what exactly those scenes are? screenshots and logs would be help.

Yup it works very bad

If you access iHost less often and there are 2-3 updates to Add-ons and ihost firmware, then it is advisable to check each time when the update was published so that you can estimate for which firmware version it is compatible .
It seems that my problem was due to the fact that I first updated iHost and later eWeLink Smat Home.
I had to uninstall ewelink Add-on and reinstall it.
Now it seems to work.
After the iHost update, I had to restart Turbo Mode again, which was initially active but was deactivated after the update.

Thank you for your feedback and we will trying to duplicate the issue you faced and to make some investigation. I think there should not be upgrade orders of the system itself and the add-ons.

I have problem linking my account. I want to share my logs but nothing will happen if I click the download!

I try to reachout my supplier and there initial advice as per eWelink team is that my time is not synchronize. I already sync my time but iHost is always late for 12min. Now, they what my logs but I cannot download!

hi, do you mean you cannot download the system logs on Settings page? have you tried to reboot iHost?

I can now download the logs using different browser. And I already sent my logs to one of the support that contacted me. So far, I’m waiting for the reply regarding my account that cannot be link to my iHost.

if you mean the account linking on Settings page, that feature has been removed, now you don’t need to login your eWeLink account on iHost, you can still get update push.

Yes, I mean at the settings. You mean I cannot see iHost at eWelink App for the update?

yes, previously the account linking was for OTA, now users can get OTA without account linking.

Where can I receive an OTA? My cube version is 1.6.0. Is this an updated version?

You can consider restoring the factory settings by long-pressing the RESET button for 10 seconds, and the device will automatically calibrate the time over the network the first time you select a time zone.

Will try this weekend if I have enough time to reconfigure again my scene and node-red. How about the Cube version? My ver. is still 1.6.3. I read the version log and the OTA update without the need to link the account is available at the higher version. How to get the OTA w/o linking the account if I’m stuck at ver 1.6?

The node-red configuration can be saved via a backup file. the configuration of the scence will be lost after restoring the factory settings.
Prior to version 1.12.0, you couldn’t OTA with an unbound account.:slightly_frowning_face:

Linking my account is my main concern why I post in this forum because as per documentation I can only update the iHost at my ewelink App. But my problem is I cannot link my account! only I know that linking at ihost settings is not needed anymore. So now, how to update my 1.6 to 1.12.0?


Sorry, this is the only way I know.