Ihost - slow work

I’ve added approx. 80 scenes in Ihost and it start to work very slowly. Practically not possible to add new scene, WEB-interface is freezing for some seconds after any action.
Is there version, what could be a reason of it ?

  • Is it problem of perfomance of Ihost or Ewelink CUBE ?
  • What rather could influence, quantity of scenes or quantity of synchronized devices in CUBE from cloud account ?

P.S. Ticket ID #210998 wasn’t answer since 22 of June ;-<

Sorry about the delay.
We’ll check it from the log you provide it feedback,

Our initial assumption is that the page lags due to the amount of the device.
They tend to report their status in a very frequent pace which cause the page much resource to deal with the process of device status.
We will try to solve this problem in the next version.

Can you provide a video of the problem?
We reproduce your problem with over 300 reports from device.
And no crash occur.

Please give us more detail of your problem.

I’m not sure, that could show slow work of local web-page in video clearly. I tried to write short video of simple action of adding new scene.
I have to wait at any step of process (typing in fields, choosing dropboxes, e.t.c.). After finishing of video page gives me a message, that you have to wait of page (see a picture, Cyrilic text) and didn’t alive after. Something like this every time.
As you can see, now I have 88 synchronized devices and 80 auto scenes.
In my web-version I have more then 150 devices and 227 auto scenes. Everything is working there, but I have to stopp process of dubling them locally on Ihost.

If you need some more information - please clarify, which exactly.