Firmware upgrade for devices paired to iHost

Could you please let me know how to upgrade firmware for Sonoff Zigbee devices which are directly paired to iHost?

Which ones?

All of them. ZBMINI, SNZBs, S26

For the time being, nothing can be done as no updates have been published yet. When they are available, we will see :sunglasses:

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I have one ZBMINI which shows me firmware version 0.0. I think it must be updated.

Why do you think so?

Because all other ZBMINI have V2.0

You may have a different hardware version. It’s hard to say. The best way to clear things out is to submit a ticket to Customer Care Center.

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Risently I connected the SNZB-06P motion sensor previously connected to iHost to Bridge pro and it got update immediately. I have two of them and I did not find the way to update it on iHost. I connected the other one to Bridge pro and it got update as well. I don’t want to reconnect all my devices just to check if an update is available. So the question of topic is very intresting, even if the update didn’t improve anything…

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Obviously, guys at eWeLink must have overlooked this. Write to them, submit a ticket to Customer Care Centre.

The Managed device’s OTA via iHost is under developing, it’s more difficult for NON-eWeLink supported devices, rolling out OTA for SONOFF devices first is on going.

@Daniel_Zhan Do you have any updates about this feature?

@ aleksey.kuimov

Well, you don’t need to submit any ticket. @yitie from eWeLink staff answered with lightning speed :zap: Let’s wait for updates from @Daniel_Zhan. Thank you, guys!

I have at least two unanswered tickets at this moment starting from the middle of January. So this is not a way to go. That’s why I am looking for help here on this forum.

The iHost will support the Zigbee OTA features to update the Zigbee sub-device firmware. it is on our development roadmap indeed. expected to be released in the first half of this year.

What is the current roadmap for iHost, NS Panel Pro, NSPanel and TX Ultimate? The silence has been going on for some time. Everyone is waiting for significant improvements. Is it worth waiting for? Perhaps buying yourself a Raspberry Pi 5 and installing HAOS makes more sense, as the add-ons from eWeLink offer more possibilities. Do share your plans, please :+1:


Exactly. Please provide a development plan.

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As there is no coherent plan, I do not want to wait. I’m not abandoning Sonoff. I’m just fed up with underdeveloped projects and the wasted potential of devices like NSPanel, NSPanel Pro. Encouraged by the marketing, I bought iHost right at the start of the sale. Then came the disappointment with poorly developed software. From a perspective of several months, I now know that the purchase of iHost was not a good idea, essentially without promising prospects.
Yesterday the Raspberry Pi arrived, on which I ran HAOS. Now HA has no iHost docker installation restrictions, so I installed the add-ons published by eWeLink. And lo and behold, without tinkering or replacing the firmware, NSPanel gained new features that this eWeLink has not been able to offer for many months. I am now waiting for the Sonoff ZIGBEE 3.0 USB DONGLE PLUS, which I will flash (f*ck the Sonoff’s warranty!) to enable Matter, Thread and Zigbee on Home Assistant. These HA projects are alive and growing week by week.


Finally you put your hands down :slight_smile: No wonder. Steel nerves are needed to suffer something like that. The guys from eWelink don’t even respond to tickets. I’m also highly disappointed…

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After this Christmas break there was a great silence. I sent 10 applications regarding nspanel pro and ihost but received one response. That they will look into the problem.

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