Ihost and SNZB-06P firmware 1.0.6

With the new firmware update 1.0.6 of the SNZB-06P and the ihost with firmware 1.13.0, you have lost the possibility of configuring the sensitivity and detection time, now how can we adjust these parameters for our sensors?

How did you update SNZB-06P to version 1.0.6? My IHOST does not show an available update.

Since I have a ZBbridge pro, I updated it and transferred it to the ihost network.

If you don’t have a sonoff zb bridge, Z2M on HA can do the same trick

I have the same problem. I bought a newest one with 1.0.6 on board, is a mess!
any fix?

So if you have devices connected to iHost, is there no way to update the firmware, unless you transfer them to a Bridge Pro and back again ??

Z2M can upgrade them, but I think they may bring the OTA feature to iHost soon

Do you need to pair them to Z2M and then back to the iHost ?

you must pair them with Z2M for OTA like other zb devices