Problems with snzb-6p and ihost 1.13.0

Since the last ihost update, the snzb-6p sensor with firmware 1.0.6 detects it incorrectly. It takes 15 minutes to indicate that there is no presence, has anyone else noticed a similar problem.

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Check the sensor settings to see if the no-motion reporting time has changed.

It is at 15sg and low detection level

Ihost doesn’t support 15 seconds yet. The smallest value you can select is 1 minute.

For now, the time for the SNZB-06P sensor is 15 seconds, it can only be set in nspanel pro.

I have set it to 1min and I still have the same problem, I don’t know what’s wrong with the device or the ihost.

it worked well for you before? turn off the current sensor for a minute and turn it on again. Maybe this will help

If that doesn’t help. Remove the sensor from ihost and pair it again

I had already disconnected them and I have also unlinked them several times. I’m going to leave it disconnected for longer to see if there’s any luck.

Hi, it is suggested to submit feedback with system logs on iHost Settings page.
We’ll look into your issue.
and btw is your iHost on Version 1.13.2? if not please update first by checking the firmware version on Settings page.

Sorry if it was a mistake, the version is 1.13.2

Nueva imagen de mapa de bits (2).bmp (5.9 MB)
Nueva imagen de mapa de bits.bmp (5.9 MB)

I have a sonoff bridge pro and I have linked the snzb-06p and it works perfectly, with the ihost there is no way for it to work, it keeps detecting infinity. I have removed the custom translation in case it may affect, I have restarted several times, I also deleted it and I have re-paired the device and the results are the same. I do not really know what to do.


The UI for 06P’s detection interval is not clear enough on iHost. I assume you may have set it to 1 hour rather than 1 minute.

I set that interval of 1 hour, because setting 1 min didn’t work, it was for testing. As you can see in the image with the interval of 1h it could be 2 hours or more without changes in the state. After restarting the ihost, unlinking devices, deleting the ihost translation, etc… it started working, the reasons why? unknown, but it has caused me a lot of headaches.

Please submit iHost system logs