Problems with SNZB-06p Presence Sensor - Stucks on Detected

I have 12 Sonoff Presence Sensors located at my office seperated into rooms. They are all connected through Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Pro. During the day I have a problem with some of them. It is always random, not a particular sensor. The problem is some of the sensors gets stuck in “Detected” mode. If I enter into ewelink app and select that sensor and change any of its settings(like sensivity) and press save the sensor then comes back to life. I don’t kknow which sensor will come up with the same problem tomorrow ?

There is also one more problem as well. The sensors are located at the entrance of roooms. With low sensivity settings everything work fine. The sensor only detects 2m inside the room. And when no one is present the sensor changes its state as “clear”. But if I change the settings into like middle then the sensor starts to scan through its back as well which causes anyone who is just passing through the hallway but not entering into the room to be detected. How can I solve that ?

Did you try relocating?

I did try everything. Actually it is currently working fine within its current location. However, occasionally the device may remain in detected mode.

i had like this issue before , after upgrading to latest firmware the problem gone

upgrade firmware if there’s any;

And place it in a different position. If you have a thin wall and things are moving behind it, it might pick that up; Also some surfaces would reflect radar signal, causing midsection.

That’s due to the limitation of radar tech, from my experience, putting it on a different spot would solve most of the issues, avoiding curtains/plants/lowspots.

There haven’t been any updates since the purchase, but this one is 3-4 months. I have two of these sensors, I took them for a test and it turned out that they are real garbage!!! detects presence even when no one is present. I wrote to sonoff support several times, but received no response. They don’t give a damn about the fact that they developed and sold a non-working product.

They are fine, but very sensitive. The nature of radar waves is that they love to bounce off shiny, glassy, glossy surfaces. Play with sensitivity setting too.

I thought mine was damaged, but it turned out to be an open window where the sun screen would move ever so slightly, tricking the sensor into thinking that the bedroom is occupied.

They are fine. The snzb XX P series is alright.

Well, maybe you’re luckier than others. many people complain!!! looking at the history of the sensor operation, you should see the following: “presence detected”
“no one is present”
“presence detected”
“no one is present”
and so on. In my case, the following failures occur:
“presence detected”
“no one is present”
“presence detected”
“presence detected”
“no one is present”.
That is, you can see presence detection twice in a row. The question is where does the “absence” go? I specially double-checked it and created ideal conditions. for an hour no one entered the room and no person was detected. I entered, was detected and continues to be detected for more than 10 minutes, although it was set to 1 minute. So this is crap, not a smart home device!!!

the sensor works best when placed near the ceiling. sensitivity is set to the lowest. There is no object 2 m in front of the sensor.
your software is 1.0.6

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yes 1.0.6

I’m one of the most vocal critic of Sonoff’s products on this forum and I maintain, that the radar sensor is alright. I get best results with them by placing them on the ceiling or high up on the wall. The sensor is nowhere near as sophisticated as Aqara’s proposition but the are fully ZigBee 3.0 compliant and cheap. Placing is critical.

The sensor is functioning normally, and as you mentioned, proper positioning is crucial. However, it still exhibits some abnormal behaviors. For instance, it occasionally gets stuck in detection mode. The most significant issue is that it detects movements behind it. When set to the lowest sensitivity mode, it doesn’t detect backwards, but the range is insufficient for a room. If set to a medium sensitivity level, it detects movements behind it, even when someone passes outside the room. This inconsistency is concerning because it shouldn’t happen at higher sensitivity levels but not at lower ones. Additionally, another odd behavior is the delay in switching to clear mode at higher settings. For example, on the low setting, it takes a maximum of 15 seconds to switch to clear mode after leaving the room. However, on medium sensitivity, this period extends beyond 15 seconds, sometimes requiring you to step further away from the room. I am currently using this sensor in about seven rooms and have conducted very detailed tests, confirming these behaviors.