SNZB-06P Human Presence Sensor does not work

The human presence sensor is paired and connected to my ZB Bridge, but the sensor does not detect any motion nor presence, Why ?

Hi @s24264343 My sensor has 1.0.6 version and works fine. Have restarted the Bridge and Sensor to see if the issue goes away or not? Mine connected iHost but I had it working before on ZB Bridge too. What is the RSSI indicating ? if you can get the logs and it tells you something.

Hi, there is nothing in the logs, no motion is detected and there no indication about the presence either

The Zigbee Bridge is up to date with version 1.7.0

See below screenshot

Hi @s24264343 Sorry I don’t use it with Zigbee Bridge I use it with iHost that seem to me give more logs than when using with Zigbee Bridge and eWelink App. Hope someone else suggest or raise a ticket on their support site. The … or the i does it give you any more information about sensor firmware not the Bridge. the latest for Sensor is 1.0.6

Thanks for trying, I guess I need to get a new Zigbee

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Hi. I had the same problem woth mine, i have 6 of those presence sensors. Well Frankie at iTead said to buy and use the Zigbee hub Pro, and it works fine now. Just get a new hub, Pro .

Hi Kuru. I had about 30 devices on my iHost with about 10 of them that worked with motion…endless troubles, only with the motion side. I switched off my iHost and packed it back in the box and wentback to eWelink cloud…trouble free. I am glad you enjoy your iHost.

You need a Zigbee Hub Pro.

Wow, so that is what it looks like when its not sensing a human presence. I set up two of the four I bought. Both show a human presence - all the time. I deleted one and gave it to a friend to let him try. No word back.
But my remaining one shows it senses a human presence all the time. Regardless of the settings I make, still show. AND, I am 25 feet from it, (its in the garage) separated by 3 walls, and no one near it. Still shows a presence.
Regardless, I setup both to test with a eWelink scene and an Alexa routine, to trigger turning a Sonoff TX series wall switch off. Nothing works. Its 'detect no human" doesn’t work because it “sees” a human all the time.
FW 1.0.6 Disappointing to spend $60 and none work.

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I got same problem. 2/4 are error. I got sensing human present all of time.
So expensive and not working.
So I would like to roll back to RF PIR ?

Any solution ?

Hello everybody ! Questions on SNZB-06P. what do you hear about the firmware update??? I have already written to sonoff support twice and have not received any response. Maybe someone has some information??? It is not at all clear what they are thinking there… I bought such a presence sensor, it seems, from the “smart Life” company. It currently works better than sonoff, but there are disadvantages - 1. the minimum delay for detecting the absence of a person is 1 minute, and a second interval is required. 2. it does not detect the presence of a person in a static position - sleeping and sitting still. which makes it impossible to use in lighting control automation where minimum delay is used. I saw many presence sensors from other manufacturers with much richer functionality. Why doesn’t ewelink apply for the production of more functional products ???

I use this sensir too. It is linked to my iHost and it seems to work fine.

he does not see motionless people. In the description it is written that it notices even the beating of a person’s heart and breathing, but in fact this is not the case. I use the zb pro bridge