Brand new TRV is functioning but will not pair. Brand new Human Presence Sensor pairs but doesn't work!

Brand new TRV is functioning but will not pair with my " SONOFF ZBBridge – Smart Zigbee Bridge" which is rated as Zigbee 3.0 even if it has now been discontinued.

Anyone know a ay to fix this? I have tried dozens of times and even removed the TRV and took it close to the SONOFF ZBBridge. No change. the bridge is working perfectly.

I also bought a Human Presence Sensor SNZB-06P to test. This pairs correctly but does not detct anything, no motion and deffo no human presence!

Any ideas?

Pretty sure I’ve read the TRV needs the Zigbee Bridge Pro rather than the standard Zigbee bridge. Don’t know about the presence sensor.

Buy the “P” version or iHost / NSPanel Pro…

Unfortunately, the level of transparency regarding sonoff product compatibility is sometimes terrible.

I literally bought a SONOFF ZBBridge a year ago and there was nothing to see it was going to be obsolete in a year. And yes, I see all those hints above as to what I need, but if had been made clear when I ordered I could have ordered a new hub, got a discount, and free shipping, so the hub would have cost me 5 bucks! Instead now I have two pieces of useless equipment unless i spend another 30!

Sonoff marketing is notoriously awful.

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Unfortunately, this is the reality of buying sonoff…

so looks like i have to buy a new Zigbee hub. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

was going to get a ZBBridge Pro on Aliexp but am also toying with the idea of a NSPanel Pro but am a little worried. After all, it’s a year old…is there a chance it too will be obsolete in a year?

Very unlikely since it’s their favourite toy now, apart from iHost. On the other hand, Sonoff’s NS Panel (not pro), a product with potentials, looks like abandoned and forgotten. If you read about the Blueprint project you realize that almost everything about NSPanel was wasted by Sonoff. But worry not. You may always flash you NSPanel Pro with Tasmota. I will do so with my panel (not pro) as soon as the warranty period is over.
I believe guys at Sonoff have lost their ways at some point, unfortunately. Great products are offered, ideas are not bad at all, but they want too much at once. I get the feeling that there are too few of them to cover and they just don’t deliver. There is clearly something wrong and many Sonoff customers are disappointed. Apart from that, they are very imaginative hard-working people.

NSPanel pro will probably be alive for some time, but looking at its general problems and most of the devs power goes to iHost (cube), I would think carefully whether it is worth it. If you need the features that Panel offers, otherwise spend less on a hub/bridge.

sound advice