TRVZB won't connect to ZB Bridge

my problem is as in topic. My two TRVZB won’t connect to ZBBridge.
After turn on pairing mode on TRVZB and turn on pairing mode in eWeLink inside bridge menu, after few second wireless indicator on TRVZB stop blinking and start flashing constantly but in ZB Bridge menu TRVZB don’t show up. After 2min wireless indicator on TRVZB disappears.

Every other zigbee device works fine. PIR, opening sensor, temperature sensor etc. I have 7 devices connected to this bridge, so this is not overconnection problem. Also factory reset ZBBridge and TRVZB didn’t help

eWeLink vesrion 5.2.0
ZB Bridge FW 1.7.0
ZB Bridge FW name ZBG-AB0-GL

Is that a Zigbee bridge or a Zigbee bridge pro? Pretty sure they use different Zigbee chips and it’s not possible with the non-pro bridge, although I think the USB dongle-P uses the same chip as the non-pro bridge but can connect, so I don’t quite understand why it doesn’t. It’s be nice if they said why?

Any TRVZB will not connect to Sonoff ZB Bridge. You need a Pro version, iHost or NSPanel Pro. You can also connect the TRVZB to other platforms such as Home Assistant using a USB bridge such as the SONOFF ZBDongle.
In theory, TRVZB supports Zigbee hubs using the Zigbee 3.0 protocol and is compatible with most hubs. ZB Bridge is not a hub. It’s a coordinator and its software doesn’t “understand” TRVZB.
And yes, I know that this is another example of Sonoff’s marketing success story :sunglasses:

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Hi Guys,

thank you very much for help.

@eerke I was sure that the bridge I have is pro version but for now I don’t have 100% sure :smiley: How I can check this is it pro or not version? Or maybe Tasmota flash solve the problem with connection?

@jam3 geez It’s really confusing. As @eerke said I probably buy dongle for my HA server. It’s really annoying when you buy the same RF technology from one series and one producer and there is no clear marking of incompatible elements. :confused:

What do you see printed on its casing? How it is recognized in your eWeLink app?

I think it should say in the ewelink phone app under settings on the device page but if not the bottom of the device should say.
You can put tasmota on a non-pro Zigbee bridge abs let it extend a network created by home assistant. I think their own firmware can be flashed to extend the network created by a pro version. Flashing tasmota onto it can’t turn it into a pro version though. That is more an option for taking local control of devices using MQTT over local wifi or probably Serial if you connect the device using Ethernet and there are enough free pins. 99% sure Tasmota can be Serial controlled, which would allow a no wifi setup. I personally just use wifi/mqtt to turn devices reliant on the cloud into local wifi ones.

There are two versions of the Zigbee USB Dongle from Sonoff. The P and the E. They contain different chips. The E version can do both Zigbee and Matter, if you put your own firmware on it, but often costs more. I have a P that predates the existence of the E, so can’t test it. If I was buying now I’d get an E. I know for certain that the Sonoff TRV pairs with Zigbee2MQTT on Home Assistant as I accidentally paired one after I forgot to turn off pairing home assistant. It doesn’t always automatically time out.
If you get a dongle for Home Assistant you have to choose between Zigbee2MQTT and ZHA. ZHA is simpler and better looking, but less flexible and occasionally there are devices on Zigbee2MQTT that aren’t on ZHA, although the reverse also happens. You can also pick which band of Zigbee you wish to use , to try and avoid your wifi band, before pairing in both. Not sure this is a problem if you have a strong Zigbee mesh though. .I personally just use Zigbee2MQTT on the default band as it’s not a problem for me (as I have loads of powered devices spreading the mesh about)

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Ok, so I checked the device and standard version of zigbee bridge is
ZBBridge and pro version is ZBBridge-P
The information you can find under Device settings->Device information->Model

Thank you guys for help

I have the older version of the USB Dongle Plus and I think it has the same Zigbee chip as the non-pro and I’ve accidentally connected the Sonoff TRV a few times with it. Not entirely clear why it is limited to the pro version only.

Because the old version control is ESP8266, the Pro version is ESP32. ESP8266 is running out of resources, and an extra line of code could crash it and make it impossible for us to keep updating it to support new devices

What does the ESP chip do other than just bridge the Zigbee chip to the wifi network?

ESP chip has never just done WiFi communication, it has always been an MCU, dealing with a lot of device management logic, including information routing management of sub-devices in the gateway, including protocol analysis

We have to complaint to sonoff for they move to work on the free access for all models of sonoff! we have to use on HA please!