i-HOST & HUMAN PRESENCE SENSOR ZIGBEE SNZB-06P: How to complete updates?

I have an i-HOST and a Zigbee presence sensor SNZB-06P. I have completed pairing the presence sensor with the iHOST. It works perfectly, scenes included, but there is a problem. The version of the sensor is 1.0.5 but I found out that the latest version of the sensor is 1.0.6.

Well, the questions are the following:
1.- How do I update the sensor version?
2.- How come I don’t receive any notice in the iHOST that I should update the sensor version?
3.- Are you aware that if this problem is not solved, any device can remain on the first version forever?

Thank you

This is sometimes not the worst solution. Newer does not always mean better. As for updating firmware from within iHost, this is an old problem. eWeLink has so far limited itself to promises that this will supposedly be resolved in the future. The key word here is ‘future’. And so it has been since the launch of iHost.

I don’t know what the situation with iHost and updates is like at the moment.
You can try using the ewelink app if you have a zigbee bridge and then add it to iHost again

Thanks for the idea. This is what I had thought and so I completed the update, but my opinion is that it is not an elegant solution. It would be appropriate for this problem to be solved as soon as possible with a new version of the i-HOST

This has been a known problem to iHost owners since the very beginning when the product was launched, so “soon” probably doesn’t exist here…

OTA feature will be the next after we release the major update to Zigbee compatibility.


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