SONOFF Human Presence sensor is Coming!

Last week, SONOFF released a new zigbee sensor SNZB-06P. Finally, The Human presence sensor is coming!!

This sensor can detect human presence, even if you’re completely still. It’s especially handy when you’re reading in your office or taking a shower in the bathroom, ensuring that the lights won’t inadvertently switch off. This is in stark contrast to traditional PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors, which only detect motion based on changes in infrared radiation. If you’re stationary, the PIR sensor assumes you’ve left and turns off the lights.

The best part? It is incredibly affordable, priced at just $15. This is quite a steal, considering that other presence sensors on the market often come with much higher price tags.

BUT at the same time, I noticed there are some limitations…

  1. It detects all the movements, like pets, moving curtains, and sweeping robots…

  2. The light sensor within the SNZB-06P can only judge between light and dark conditions on the eWeLink app. I believe this is a design that imitates some motion lights, which only light up at night.

  3. Minimum Detection timeout can only be 1 minute, which means that you need to wait for 1 minute to turn off the lights after you’re leaving. Actually, this sensitivity is a bit low. I can see from Mat’s video that Sonoff is optimizing it.( Perhaps we will get a firmware upgrade in the future??? Hope so.

  4. It does not provide location information, possibly because it uses a 5.8GHZ low-frequency radar, The accuracy of the radar is not suitable for precise distance or position analysis.

On balance, it’s more than enough to replace PIR for me. At least my bathroom light won’t turn off on its own anymore : )


Have also seen and ordered this

Will be interesting to see if this solves some of the problems that I am having with the current motion sensor in the bathroom (e.g., does not detect motion if a person is in the glass-door shower).

However, one thing that has me slightly worried on the new presence sensor (without it having arrived yet) is the declared 4m range. For most of my rooms, this would not be enough.

I already have a different brand installed. It too has a limited range but it detects me from much further and it depends on the size of the movement. If it’s just breathing movement then you need to be quite near but if you are walking I have to install a camera in the room to see it turn off. I actually have it combined with a traditional motion sensor but it’s a bit pointless.


The glass door should be fine; radar microwave should be able to penetrate through the glass door. :smiley:

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Is there similar device for RF Bridge?

Nope, it’s Zigbee.

Does anyone know what the sensor activation distance is for each sensitivity? Minimum and maximum. Will it be possible to adjust the sensor’s operating angle (firmware update)? What obstacles will stop detection?

Hello. What are your opinions when using the SNZB-06P presence sensor? I have a sensor (software v1.0.5) connected to nspanel pro (v2. 2.0). I noticed two problems. The sensor reports movement on the panel only after approximately 3 seconds. The sensor turns on the light even on a cloudy day. At a light intensity of approximately 50 lux, the sensor detects darkness. I changed the sensitivity value, but the problem still persists.

Anyone have a solution to overcome false detection of fan for human occupancy? This sensor will assume a moving fan as human.

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I had same problem. I had fan install on my bathroom to make them dry.
Sensor won’t cut at all, “Person present” = No one their ?

False detect.