Temp Sensor Stuck

Hi all. Have 4 T/H Sensors and 1 of them is stuck at 22 degrees c and 80% humidity. Reset and relearned back on to ZigBee but no joy. Any advice

I have similar problem on my Sonoff snzb-02 (Temp/Humidity sensor).
Your sensor is connected on NSPanel PRO as mine?

No I just have them on a Sonoff ZigBee Bridge

Try to remove the battery, put it close to the bridge (no more than 2 meters away, no wall between the bridge and the sensor), put the battery back again and check if it will works as supposed to be.

Will do. I have it in the kitchen and the ZigBee Bridge is there also. Will let you know how it goes.

Also I know the ZigBee Bridge only supports 32 devices but does it have a limit on the same device e.g. 10 motion sensors, 10 door sensors & 10 Temp Sensors?

Reboot the Bridge and it will work again.