Door sensor zigbee SNZB04

I have a problem with the zigbee sensor SnZb 04, in detail I manage the sensor with smartthing, and until three day ago all was ok, from to day, more or less, the sensor running in ewelink ma not running i. Smartthing. The other same three sensor running correctly. Only this sensor is frozen!.. but if I refresh in manualy mode the ewelink inside the smartthing immediatly working!
Pleaee help me

Hi there,

“frozen” do you mean this device can’t be controlled in the SmartThings app?
Please try to re-link the eWeLink service in the SmartThings app.

Hi, thank you for your feedback… try to reconnect the servire but the problem is present in one sensor only…tre snbz04. Smartthings and alexa too do not see the sensor…only this and I do not understand why!.. i think the problem is in the ewelink when sends the status in exsternal apps…do you have an idea to solving this problem? Thank you

Would you please send the device ID?

a4800236f6, this is the Id,
Thank you dor your courtesy…

Hi there,

Please submit a support ticket via in-app “Help & Feedback”, then the tech engineer can look into the logs.

ok …done…thank you very much!

This may or may not help, but as a plane user with two devices they have rubbish battery holders and need a redesign. The same method is not used in the motion sensors, temperature sensors or the button. Before doing anything complicated try just replacing the battery if it was low and squashing the battery holder. You may find that just that will solve the problem. If mine disappear again I am going to add a bit of cardboard but at present it is all okay.

hello, thanks for the advice, I tried as you told me, I also reinstalled the sensor and re-paired smartthing, let’s see if it works! I don’t understand why only one sensor doesn’t work, while the other 4 do…