Best door sensor for iHost

I want to buy some door sensors to connect to iHost and I don’t know if it better to use a DW2 (wifi) or SNZB04 (ZigBee). I have an iHost hub and I want them to show under Alexa. And if possible also under eWelink android app.

You can’t connect DW2 to iHost. WiFi sensors that are battery operated are not reliable and are power hungry. They drain battery cells very quickly. By all means, go for SNZB-04 or SNZB-04P!

What’s the difference between 04 and 04P?

04P is the newer make and seems to be designed better.

I have a completely different experience with DW2-WIFI. It doesn’t cause any problems, the battery lasts for months. :slight_smile:

But in the context of iHost, I agree that zigbee will be better. Because DW2WIFI will only work when it has the Internet and connects to the cloud, you can’t do anything with it locally. :slight_smile:

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Do you think that configuring ihost as matter gateway to Alexa will show ZigBee devices in Alexa?

I have no idea. I haven’t tested such a puzzle…

That’s not possible.

My DW2-WIFI on two AAA eneloops can work on average for 3, sometimes 4 months. Of course, a lot depends on how often he is active. But even with frequent activity, it can last for at least 2 months.

Mine was much more energy hungry. Every two weeks it needed to be maintained. Sometimes the wake-up time was absurdly long. I gave up after 3 months and replaced it with a Zigbee device. The battery has been sitting in it for 19 months now and, if the indications from ZHA are to be trusted, it has only lost 25%.

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04P is a nice choice, better design, I got one for my cat entry, so far so good

How do you distinguish between a cat’s in and out? This is important because mine is always on the wrong side :scream_cat:

I put my smart litterbox in the balcony where she can also have some sunlight, so I must leave a small gap for my cat, that door sensor is just a reminder haha

My litter box would let me know if she was there anyway

If you want to know if your cat’s in or out, you can use a PIR installed at a lower height combining a door sensor

I know, but the birds ruined that plan :bird: :bird: :bird:

maybe a DIY-seesaw? Put a contact sensor to one side, when your cat go through, the side it leaves remains up (open)

My cat is crazy about birds :rofl:

Mine as well unless she has other plans, like indifferent lazying :slight_smile:

In my opinion is not important the type, I use not sonoff manufactured zigbee door sensors. I recommend to use zigbee, its more economy that wifi