Zbmini-l2 work with smartthings w/o additional hub?

I can add it to smartthings but there is an on/off that does nothing. I can not get eWelink to find the device, so guessing I am forced to buy yet another bridge? I am headed towards home assistant, I have seen a USB hub but that seems worse unless that is a must-do.

thanks all, I am tried of searching and not getting an answer. cheers

The Zigbee device needs a zigbee bridge to connect to eWeLink, do you have a zigbee bridge?
by the way how did you add it to SmartThings?

Yes I know it needs a bridge, I thought the smartthings v2 has a ZigBee and z wave bridge/hub?

Added it like anything else new, but it refuses to do anything. I read recently the update to add matter has bridges for both older formats, just not the new matter.

Since I can;t get it to add to eWeLink, guessing I need a bidge. Seems there are lots of choices for bridges, the USB for an always-on PC will help it work with home assistant. I am disabled and brokew, trying to save money but get it to work.,

what is recommended?

If you have a Smartthings hub this is a Zigbee hub. Then you can control in ST but you will not see in eWelink.
Also you may need to change the Edge driver in ST for all functions to be available.

How do you update the driver? The tile doesn’t have that option for this thing :cry:

The ST driver needs to be installed before pairing otherwise it will pair on the standard driver and cannot be modified.

thanks for the reply! i figured it out like an hour after asking… ಥ_ಥ

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