iHost Roadmap update

Hi. Just wondering if the team could give us an update on the planned releases. The original roadmap spoke of regular 2-month-releases with NS Panel Pro and Tasmota Add-on in Q2.

In the meantime other user requests came up, mainly circling around the Zigbee controller and Docker functions. The main goal for me (for really using the iHost with Home Assistant) would be either direct access to the Zigbee controller - or at least Docker access to the USB port, so I can use a Zigbee controller there (which is pretty absurd, since in theory Zigbee is on board).
Using the current solution (Zigbee through Homebridge) won’t do the job, since many Zigbee devices are not supported. If Home Assistant had access, ZHA would provide broader device support.

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In the July update, mainly to complete the release of Q2 development :

  • Weather forecast addon release and open source - it demonstrates how to embed your own made page content into the console and CAST using eWeLink CUBE’s OPEN API.

  • Tasmota integrate demo addon released and open source - it demonstrates how to connect MQTT protocol devices to the eWeLink CUBE via MQTT Broker, you can think of it as an MQTT topic to HPPT message converter.

  • TailScale addon - Enables remote PC and mobile phone access to iHost without any router configuration

  • Matter Bridge - Connect devices connected to the eWeLink CUBE (including zigbee and LAN modes) to the Matter network. You can integrate devices from iHost into the Home assistant without any additional integration- if the Home assistant supports matter

  • New category of wireless buttons - More wireless buttons and scene switches can now be accessed.

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Thank you, @Alexie

@Alexie, will in this release be possible to use the Zigbee devices on ZB Bridge-P with LAN Mode ?


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No - Because the firmware of ZBBridge-P does not support LAN mode, we need to wait for the firmware development and upgrade of the device first - but the development of the device side is not within our control

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Thanks for the answer @Alexie. I regret having bought the ZBBridge-P and I only did it because I want to control zigbee devices with Google Home and read in this forum about the LAN mode. It would be really good if iHost has this funcionality. Regarding security issues as it is only local, could have a configuration to enable or disable “only local”, this way who want “only local” would not be affected. The sabe could be done for the zigbee access. If could enable the access to zigbee (disable the security), anyone who wants will be able to use zigbee2mqtt or any other and those who don’t want it just don’t disable the security.

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Could the support team please give us an update on the planned releases of the ihost and nspanel pro updates.
There has been no information for a long time, in fact there has been great silence.