Ihost devices in home assistant?

Is it possible to view the devices that I have synchronized on ihost via zigbee and my sonoff switches in local mode in home assistant?

Yes, but there is some faffing about. You have two options and future people will have a third.

  1. create a virtual Boolean in Home Assistant and link it to Node Red on the iHost using MQTT
  2. create a Boolean in Home Assistant and link it to Node Red on the Home Assistant into which you have added the eWeLink Cube Palette.
  3. doesn’t work last time I checked. There is a matter integration on home assistant and iHost does matter bridging. In theory you could just turn on the Home Assistant matter integration and pair the iHost, but last time I checked (a few weeks ago only) it didn’t work yet. That will be the easiest way when it works.
    Either way at present there is no way currently to magically make them appear. In Home Assistant you can create “helpers” but they are just virtual variables mostly.

I for example use 1 to send temperature readings from iHost Zigbee sensors to HA and have it displayed on my Home Screen. At that time I didn’t realise 2 was possible.

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use the home assistant matter function, you can add the ihost as a matter bridge into home assistant.

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My idea is to go from the raspberry to the ihost as a home automation device. On the one hand it is more “pretty” physically. More powerful (I have the 4Gb version vs a raspberry pi 3 with 1 Gb) and for the final use for which it will be intended I see it as a better option.

I have installed the Home Assistant as docker on the ihost, and works fine.

However, to acquire the devices via matter, you would need a matter-server. I have not located an official matter-server image that works for me on the ihost. I don’t know if you could tell me any image that would be compatible.

On the other hand, I have also considered as an option the possibility of installing a zigbee2mqtt docker and sharing this with the home assistant. But it seems not to access the ihost’s zigbee device. In some forums I have read that it was the device:
in others:

And when you put the configuration.yaml with that port configuration, it gives an error: No such file or directory, cannot open

Possibly, the problem is no longer the interface you use, I would appreciate it if you could confirm what it is…
But when it comes to setting up the container, I must assign the resource to it, otherwise it is transparent and does not exist in my container and within the ihost options there is no option other than volumes, variables, ports, sound, … but not the zigbee antenna. Is this option contemplated in the future?

At this point, could you tell me any alternative or if you have located a matter-server image that works on ihost?

Thank you so much

I’m sorry we’re not familiar with HA, except that it advertises support for adding Matter Bridge devices. As for how to use HA’s Matter feature in Docker installation mode, you need to ask the HA community for help - this problem will not only be encountered by you, but also by all other HA users who install HA through Docker on NSA.

Also, if you just need to run HA on ihost but don’t need any funcion of eWeLink CUBE system, I recommend considering this:

Thanks for the reply.

In principle I am not interested in having the home assistant as the ihost OS, I prefer to have it as docker and leave the original system.

Perhaps my only doubt regarding ihost was knowing what the device’s zigbee interface is:

or any other?

In addition to knowing if it can be configured as a device in a docker container to be able to interact with it, since at this time, there is no option to create the docker-compose itself and it would be nice to be able to share said device to be able to put other dockers as per zigbee2mqtt example

Thank you so much

No Docker can use zigbee modules on ihost - this hardware just open to eWeLink CUBE system. But you can plug in a zigbee dongle via USB and docker can select this USB port to use the zigbee dongle.

You are right, I had tried adding the USB, but since I already had an image made without the configuration, I did not see the option to add the USB to the image.

If we create the image again with the USB connected. If the option appears.

You can configure and launch a docker with a zigbee USB connected to it, and make it perfectly operational:

Although I would have preferred to be able to use the ihost’s own zigbee antenna, since it looks “ugly” with the antenna behind it.


The best way to expose devices in iHost to HA currently is via Homebridge. If you are running HA in Docker in iHost, you will not able to run HA’s Matter Server to add devices via iHost’s Matter Bridge.

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