IHost's Future Plans?

Hi. I would like to know if the promised update is planned?

  1. Full support Wi-Fi and BLE.
  2. iHost Matter HUB (not bridge).
  3. iHost backup feature (because sd can die).

Yes I’m keen for a backup to be introduced



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we are all very much looking forward to it.
Will sonoff and ewelink make IHOST 100% the device it was supposed to be?
Beta testing should have ended long ago


And me too.

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It would be nice also to have an integrated file browser and also the possibility to edit existing docker configurations. Also… an homebridge2cube feature would.solve any kind of compatibility issue.


I would like to start with what they promised.
but… file browser, docker configurations and homebridge2cube sounds cool!

I don’t think so.

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iHost is an abandoned project. There is no roadmap for future updates, no firmwares bringing any meaningful change for a long time. They even forgot to build the May firmware. Their communication is confusing and full of broken promises. Forget iHost, it’s at the bottom of their priorities. Compare it to the ewelink app for example, which is actually maintained.

My Pi 5 is in the mail already…

Unfortunately i agree…

I have been using it for more than a year.
I have learned programming node-red, because Ewelink cube is still in beta…


  • poor zigbee signal handling, dropouts, where other zigbee hub works well. That is ridiculous, that zibgee turbo mode is in pilot state… They knew, that zigbee part of iHost is a piece of sh*t, offered turbo mode, but not finished in a year…
  • no backup,
  • 1.14 firmware: no reconnection after plug out / in the lan cable or restarting the router
  • unfinished promises
  • stability issues


  • i am thinking…

and not a single comment from ewelink/sonoff…

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and there will probably be no more comments. developers’ remuneration exceeded the Income from the sale of the ihost device. I suspect the design was kept to a minimum.

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I agree, it looks like this.

the only hope is in people like “darkest”.
their passion and desire to create can save ihost from the scrap heap.

Nothing will save iHost as it is 32-bit processor based. Without manufacturer’s support or enthusiasts’ attention, it will die. Most software is made for 64-bit only.

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My two cents…
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Anyway, who wants to hear “Yes, we are planning this in the future.” for the n-th time anyway?
BTW, the entire industry is full of s***, imo.

Hey Sonoff, if you lost interest in iHost at least release the source code or help us repurpose the device with factory maintained HAOS. It took one man to port HAOS to iHost, I bet you can do so much better than that.

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There are no official 32-bit images of Home Assistant OS (HAOS). The only hope in projects such as the one created by darkxst , which is an unofficial port of Home Assistant Operating System (HAOS) to run on Sonoff iHost (Smart Home Hub Appliance) hardware by ITead.

Implementing your proposal would require courage on the part of the eWeLink team, as in their eyes it would mean admitting defeat rather than opening up to new possibilities. Besides, ITead is a Chinese company and HA is an American project. And then there is this community behind it.


buanet/iobroker is perfect for ihost. I have integrated anything of any brand. But you have to study a little

Ok, fine. This may work, and is quite brilliant way to amend current pitfalls of Ihost but it only emphasizes how dismal current version of CUBE is.
Your approach is like running macOS in a container/virtualisation on a Windows machine because Windows doesn’t allow for browsing internet and writing documents or run a calculator app.

Sure, you will get your mails sent and job done, but is a hilarious workaround.
Very ineffective, very inelegant wasteful, complicated way of running things.
My two cents.

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Maybe but Cube and Ewelink app also do not work with products other than Sonoff and little else so they will never be a domotic personal hub. Another type of supplementary software is allways needed. Ihost is a good hardware and operating system for this purpose.