iHost device unusable without update rolls back possibility

As an avid user of the iHost device, today I made a decision that I should have made much longer ago.
I decided not to use iHost until the update roll back option is available (facility to reinstall the previous version of update).
Such a facility is indispensable because the last 6-7 updates delivered for the iHost device have each time created problems, smaller or larger, that have more or less affected the ecosystem of each iHost user. Both I and many other users have lost hours of their lives looking for solutions for some problems created with updates that proved to be unprofessionally made.
Each iHost user is free to do as he pleases and as he sees fit, but if he accepts the current situation, the current situation in which users are used as laboratory mice will never end.
I think that the request for the possibility of update roll back is a legitimate and correct request. With such a facility, we would all stand to gain.


I was also thinking of switching to iHost, but I’m waiting for more satisfied people who write more about new ideas than about problems!

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The capability to load older firmware version will erase all configuration.
So the need to save and load back configuration to/from external file is also required.
This is functionality any commercial device is obliged to provide.

The repeated major failure of firmware update is an indication that the firmware developement does not follow professional practices and procedures.

iHost will eventually fail as an automation platform , because of the lack of reliability and robustness required for a commercial product.


That user who says that he is satisfied with the operation of iHost, knowing that for several months each update creates new and new problems, is not being honest with himself.
As a result, you should wait to switch to using iHost because for now it is far too far from what it should be and it is very likely that you will not find many happy users.
If the problems created by the last update, 1.11.0, are fixed, iHost reaches a state where it could be used, but probably until the next update.


Installing a previous version is normally done via a backup.
Such a facility does not exist in the case of iHost, which in my opinion makes it impossible to use this device in decent conditions.
The team dealing with this project is responsive and so far they have solved the problems that have arisen since the launch of this device, but as the complexity of the ecosystem increases, it is absolutely certain that the problems that arise will be more and more complicated. If, instead of developing new facilities for iHost, the problem of creating a backup and reinstalling it without errors is not solved, if the new updates creates problems, I have to agree with the idea that this project will fail and users will give up to use iHost again.


It would be really nice if we can choose the version we want to install. My iHost worked perfectly with Aqara devices on version 1.10.0, but on v1.10.1 all stopped working and version 1.11.0 the motion sensors are “Not supported”. Please, let us choose what version we want to install.

do you mean not work in Scenes? if so please try to edit the scenes and save them again.

Hi, i am also an iHost user, BUT, the Ewelink app is more trustworthy. Some of my automations dont work anymore on iHost, but do work on the app. Time based automations do work for me on iHost but not motion automations.

Is anyone happy? As I see it, nobody is happy. Except those who are satisfied, just don’t write :smiley:

Buy an iHost, add some devices, add some scenes and use it for a while.
You will understand that it is impossible to find a happy iHost user :).
Happy iHost users, if they exist, probably use this device to turn on and off a light bulb and nothing more :).
How could you be happy when iHost is not able to do 50% of what eWeLink APP can do.


No thanks! I won’t be buying any time soon!

Yes of course, your favorite device builder is Shelly :slight_smile: :wink:

And Shelly has her flaws!

Quite frankly my iHost is just a cool looking piece of tech, as this is such a radical change to my ‘noob’ status (i.e. the comer complex platforms that tie into eWeLink…IFTT, etc).

I didn’t realise the devices wouldn’t show up in my eWeLink devices.

I do now understand the reasoning why, however, it doesn’t make it part of my basic eco system, that the any average Joe knows and wants to know.

I also have a lot of problems with IHOST. I wanted to put this equipment into service to ensure the operation of my 50 SONOFFs. in fact many modules are not recognized. In addition, the scenes do not work correctly or partially. I’m so disappointed with Sonoff that I may end up replacing everything with another brand.

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No I mean not work at all. Today some Zigbee devices disappeared. I’m getting very irritated with this ihost. And every time the power goes out, all ZigBee devices comes back turned on. That is inadmissible.

I seriously thought about it. Even the Sonoff Wifi devices doesnt work well in iHost. Sadly I have a lot of Sonoff Wifi devices. From now our only option to use the Sonoff wifi devices is the Home Assistant.

Today I started to test the Zemismart M1, the Matter Hub. Automaticaly all devices conected to it is seen in Google Home. The iHost which was launched almost 1 year ago cannot do this.

Zemismart M1 cannot be compared with iHost because, on the one hand, Zemismart M1 is intended for Tuya devices and, on the other hand, it is not a local hub that works without an Internet connection.
iHost is not a commercial product where you list what it knows how to do and those facilities are executed according to the description.

iHost is an experimental device that, if it continues the way things are going now, will be abandoned like many other promising projects at the beginning.
For 9 months since I’ve been using iHost, I’ve been waiting for updates to make the device usable. I waited 6 months to be able to activate and deactivate scenes through another scene. It worked for a while and now if I activate or deactivate scenes with another scene, the IF function is reset and the default setting is Any condition is met, instead of All condition is met, which makes the connected devices unusable.
On November 23, I was promised a solution on the 28th, later on the 30th, and now I see that nothing is happening.
I will probably abandon this iHost project and declare it a dead project.
iHost can only be used to start or stop some devices, if possible not through scenes and nothing more. The problem is that even this does not always work as you would expect from a local hub!
Unfortunately, it has been proven that a Smart Home cannot be achieved with cheap solutions.
Good luck to those who still hope that iHost will not end up in the trash!

The Zemismart M1 Zigbee devices works without Internet Connection. The Matter is working too and works with Google Home, Alexa, Homekit. This is more than iHost did in less time.

The iHost promised compatibility, flexibility, work with Tuya, with Matter and others, but for real all features are experimental. I bought a product , I didn’t get it for free for testing. I have the right to have a functional product.

For me, iHost’s only advantage over Home Assistant should be the less difficult to configure and more reliable, but the true is the Home Assistant is much better, even being open source.

iHost’s salvation for me would be to free up access to internal zigbee and be able to use Zigbee2Mqtt (without exermal hardware)

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