iHost update

July is very near and there are no more announcements of the promised massive update of iHost. All the topics about these issues have been closed with an excuse or another one. Can eWeLink please finally clarify if we should consider iHost a dead project and move on with other solutions?

Dead as a parrot :grin: :sunglasses:

V2.0.0 firmware is being tested. At the current pace, it will be released in June as planned.
The overall change of this update is relatively large(V1.x to V2.x), so this version cycle has changed from the previous 1 month to 2 months, and the test needs to spend more time to ensure the reliability of the upgrade. In later releases, there will still be a return to a monthly update rhythm.


Does the 2.0 update already introduce Hub Matter?
If not, when are the plans to launch hub matter ihost

The Matter HUB function has been implemented on NSPanel Pro, but there are still many problems with the Matter Hub function, including stability and compatibility issues - we need to test more matter devices, and some problems must be solved by contacting equipment manufacturers for negotiation and debugging.

Only when the matter hub is stable on NSPanel Pro will it be migrated to ihost. At present, the time can not be determined, if it can be completed in August, if there are many problems, it may take until November or even December.

Thanks for the update. Given all they delay it would be a great demonstration of intellectual honesty if eWeLink extends ihost development support of a couple of extra years through an official statement.


And aren’t errors on nspanel pro mainly caused by nspanel pro often losing connection with your server?
In the smartthings application, I get a notification several times a day that the SNZB-02D sensor, which is added to nspanel pro, is offline.
I always check nspanel pro then and the actual nspanel pro is offline.
Only restarting nspanel pro helps.

The strangest thing is that nspanel pro works stably usually on Saturday and Sunday. And the most errors are from Monday to Friday.

During ewelink server connection error, feedback cannot be sent.
Do nspanel logs save in persistent memory? After restarting, when sending feedback, do the logs contain all the information before the restart?
When are the Logs in nspanel overwritten?


iHost is just a piece of hardware. The system running on it is eWeLink CUBE(https://ewelink.cc/ewelink-cube/). We will continue to maintain and upgrade this system; it’s not limited to version 2.0. In the future, there will be versions 3.0, 4.0, and even 5.0. Our goal is to develop a simple and easy-to-use localized device management server system, which is a long-term objective, so it will continuously be updated and iterated. iHost is just one carrier for this system. After the release of the 2.0 system, more manufacturers and more brands will launch localized device management gateways equipped with the eWeLink CUBE system.


How about version 102? In the future, of course :sunglasses:

Good morning Monday.
Good morning NSPANEL PRO problems.

This time restarting the router fixed the problem.

@Alexie My NSPanel Pro is also behaving strangely. The Zigbee T&H sensors paired with it transmit readings which are then sent to other devices correctly. On the home screen of the NSPanel Pro, the readings update. However, on the tiles they do not update until a restart is performed. The picture below shows readings from the same sensor. Same sensor, different values displayed.
By the way, I ask: why can’t I display the temperature reading from the internal NSPanel sensor in NSPanel Pro if I can use this sensor in the Thermostat option configuration in NSPanel Pro? Why this strange limitation? After all, I can show the temperature readings from the TRVZB on the tiles.

What kinds of problems? Have u submitted a ticket?

Which brand/model may I ask?

weather is not displayed on nspanel pro screen.
matter devices are offline.
unable to send feedback.
Problem Reported.


from about 02.00 I also do not have a temperature reading from the SNZB-02D sensor

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By all means you may ask. All of them are Sonoff’s very own SNZB-02P.

Can we get a self-hosted CUBE on Linux ARMv7?
Not necessarily docker.

Thank you for the clarification!

So from your message we can expect version 2.0 arriving in the next 2 weeks!

Any plans on features for cast?
What can we say about self hosting e-welink cube, will the code become open source?

Thank you!

i suggest to start matter hub from scratch for ihost , and to maintain nspanel at another stage because its really annoying hub and not support bridges well

Thanks for the feedback. The issue will be fixed in the next firmware update.