When will iHost adds Matter Hub support

link matter devices to ihost, (matter hub)
Is there any way to do it? Or any news from Sonoff?

They were supposed to introduce the Matter hub in ihost at the beginning of this year, but they are having problems with it. For now, they are trying to refine the matter hub in NSPANEL Pro. I have already lost hope that they will do it. I purchased Matter Hub from another company (smartthings station). I connected the IHOST devices to the smartthings station. I connected matter devices added to smartthings station with virtual devices created in node-red. by enabling the virtual device on IHOST I also enable the matter device in smartthing.

it’s a bit complicated but it works

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“Never” is the answer. Ihost is an abandoned project, an expensive paperweight.

  1. Nobody gives a pig’s arse about timely firmware updates; recent versions brought nothing meaningful. If they spend any time developing firmware, it is done by one nerdy guy in his spare time, I bet you a fiver.
  2. Device compatibility is a joke.
  3. Even a simple thing like scene editor is basically crap.
  4. Node RED pallete is useless as well. So limiting.
  5. They promise big update but I bet it will be another “all show and no go” non-event.

Matter hub? Dude, they haven’t implemented Wifi and BLE yet. Matter hub? What are you talking about! LOL.

You’re right. ihost is an abandoned project like NSPANEL. Now they have released Zigbee Bridge ULTRA because they have parts left from ihost which is not selling.

June 1 is World Children’s Day.
Maybe Sonoff will give us a gift and refund the money for IHOST. :thinking:
Anyone who buys ihost is like a child. He was deceived by advertisements and promises. :crazy_face:


“Hello sir, Happy World Whatever Day:”
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