Matter devices

dear ewelink team , kindly see the attached photo which shows matter door contacts and temp&humd sensors still not supported on web , also the camera’s from camsync still not supported .

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The support for Matter contact, humidity, and temperature sensors is planed.

Camera Sync support is estimated to arrive next month.

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Will be available in the next release, as for Matter devices will be supported gradually also.

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I have the Sonoff M5-3C-120W Matter wall switch and the Sonoff MINIR4M. These are connected to eWeLink App and then my iHost Synchronizes to the eWeLink App. They do not connect directly to the iHiost. I expected the iHost to be a “Matter Hub” where Matter devices could be connected directly.
When will the iHost be able to connect Matter Devices (Especially Sonoff) directly.
I am a bit dissapointed in the iHost does not connect directly to Matter devices.

because ihost is a matter bridge in this stage not a matter hub , nspanel pro is a matter hub

I looked at the Itead iHost brochure and it states that the “Matter Hub currently under development and expected to be launched in early 2024”


not yet released

Yip, The question is when. Maybe one of the Staff could respond.

Let me put more info and make some clarify,
like @tammeryousef said, the Matter Bridge is now provided as a pilot feature of iHost, NSPanel Pro as a Matter Hub also in its beta stage.

The Matter Hub feature for iHost haven’t yet a specific timeline, as both the Matter protocol itself is still undergoing constant changes, and the Matter Hub feature of NSPanel Pro requires time for verification and stability optimization.

More importantly, even if iHost can work as the Matter Hub, many features of SONOFF devices cannot be fully presented due to the constraints of Matter’s definition. Additionally, in my view, the two working modes - Matter Hub and Matter Bridge - cannot functional simultaneously.