【Pilot Feature】Matter Bridge is available!

In latest update of eWeLink CUBE V1.8 , the new pilot feature Matter Bridge is available.

Matter Bridge

(Pilot Feature)

With the Matter Bridge feature, you can seamlessly add iHost-managed devices, including iHost-bridged Zigbee devices & synced devices from other add-ons, into the Matter-supported platforms from industry giant companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung SmartThings, etc. so you can control, view, set automation, and interact with many other smart home devices across the Brands.

Please Kindly Note,

  • This feature is currently in its experimental phases and issues may happen during the tryout procedure.
  • The available features/functions of the devices depend on the Matter-supported platforms and the adaptation progress of the Matter protocol from CSA.
  • Switches and plugs with the ON/OFF feature are supported now, some of them are listed below.
  • Lights and more device types will be supported in further updates, please stay tuned.
  • Free to let us know any issues you may experience or support requests during the tryout procedure via the feedback button in the iHost or discuss with us under this post.

Supported Devices

For now, device types such as Plugs and Switches are supported.


Zigbee 1~4 channel plugs/switches

Wi-Fi 1~4 channel plugs/switches (Synced to CUBE by eWeLink Smart Home add-on)

Here are some of the supported devices:

Zigbee devices

DeviceType Product Name Model
Plug SONOFF iPlug Lite Zigbee Smart Plug S40ZBTPB Lite/S40ZBTPA Lite
Plug SONOFF S26R2 Zigbee Smart Plug S26R2ZB
Plug SONOFF S31 Zigbee Smart Plug S31 Lite zb
Switch SONOFF ZBMINI Smart Switch(No Neutral Required) ZBMINI-L
Switch SONOFF ZBMINI Extreme Smart Switch(No Neutral Required) ZBMINIL2

WiFi devices (Synced to CUBE by eWeLink Smart Home add-on)

Device Type Product Name Product Model
Plug SONOFF WiFi Smart Plug S31/ S31 Lite
Plug SONOFF WiFi Smart Plug S26 Series
Plug SONOFF Waterproof WiFi Smart Socket S55 Series
Plug SONOFF WiFi Smart Plug S40TPB/TPA Lite
Plug SONOFF WiFi Smart Plug S40TPB/S40TPA
Plug SONOFF Micro USB Smart Adaptor Micro/Micro-CFH
Switch SONOFF SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch M5 Series
Switch SONOFF TX Series Wi-Fi Smart Wall Touch Switches TX Series
Switch SONOFF WiFi Wireless Smart Switch DUALR2
Switch SONOFF WiFi DIY Wireless Smart Switch BASICR2/R3
Switch SONOFF Wi-Fi Smart Switch MINIR2/R3/R4
Switch SONOFF 4 gang 433Mhz RF remote WiFi smart switch 4CHR3/4CHPROR3
Switch SONOFF 433MHz RF&WiFi Smart Light Holder SlampherR2

Note: The above list only shows some of the supported devices. If your device is not listed, try Matter Bridge to see if it is supported. And feel free to feedback the problems you encounter through the feedback button in the CUBE.

Just enabled matter and connected to Apple HomeKit… all woking great so far.
I have 1 TH-elite, 1 plug, 1 NsPanel and a couple of sonoff mini’s.

They all showed up as plugs and the device lables were not imported correctly. Also it would be nice if the NSpanel temperature showed, and also if the TH-elite had a option of thermostat type…


It just not pairing with google home as it’s show as not certified.

I didn’t find a way to bypass this verification for Google home.

Does something manage to pair it with google home?

I guest that the device will be certified as it leave beta status.


Thanks for the try out so quick!
Though the ‘Matter’ is so advertised but far from i can tell that still on its early stage for the giants platfroms like Apple home to fully support all the devices types and features, so let’s just keep calm and follow the lead.

As we posted : )

And the Matter Bridge is just a experimental showcase of the possibilities, can not guarantee everything works as expected and updated timely.

Hey Matthieu, would you please place a screenshot of the Google home page that you can’t proceed? i think there should be a button
like “add anyway” or something to skip the ‘uncerfified’ prompt.

it’s in french but, see attached

Google doesn’t allow to skip or add anyway

What is the vendor id and device id used by iHost to commission Matter devices.

There is a possible workaround for Google with that information

This is what I get, I assume it is the same as above screenshot… And the … menu at the top only show Help & feedback entry



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@Mamatt @jonas @blakadder.home
Confirmed with Google team, that the Google Home has suspended the pairing permission for uncertified devices, it’s really inconvenience for tester or users who’d like to try out , we request to reopen but no solid time for now.

And @blakadder.home, nice to see you in our forum,
Yes, Google do have a workaround for this, but need a Google developer account with smart home project to add the related strings in developer console, is not so friendly for average users, i’d like to sent to you separately via personal message if you needed.

Yes, I’d appreciate the info

Please check your personal message box: )

@yitie I’ll be happy to get vid/pid to test with google home !

Let continue via personal message.

Installed matter awhile ago and it worked great with Alexa
When I installed it the wifi bulbs from iHost also showed up in Alexa and work ok
Added a couple new devices and now some devices ZBMINIL are shown as lights
The original bulbs now operate plugs instead and a new bulb was added to connect to the original bulb

@yitie do you have an ETA about when the Matter functionality will become effective? I also wanted to try it with google home but, as mentioned before, google do not allow pairing un-certified devices…

Hello, you wrote that on the IHost program, matter bridge works. I ask you for help, if I pair Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 on IHost, then they disappear and are no longer seen by Alexa and therefore no longer perform Alexa routines. Is there a way to pair the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 to IHost but make them see and recognize Alexa? If yes, how do you do it? Otherwise, for my needs IHost is useless. I tried with Matter Bridge but I can’t get it to work. Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 without Alexa is a disappointment ! Thanks you, Best Regard

It should not be marked as “Pilot” feature. Matter bridge and integrations through it to Homekit and others - SHOULD BE KEY feature

Hi! It would be nice an option like “show as”.
If you have a Sonoff mini conected to a heater you could set it to show as a heater in google o homekit… and it would be great if you can add a temperature sensor combined…