Problem Matter Issue Matter after Update 1.12.0

After updating to version 1.12.0, I ended up losing the configuration of the matter devices that were working from the pilot functionality.

When making a new addition of the new functionality, a message appears that it is not possible to register the bridge, as shown in the attached image.

Anyone else having this problem?

Please try again and if the issue still persists, submit a system log via the feedback section of iHost console setting. Thx.

I managed to add it to Google Home. smartthing didn’t allow me to add it because there was a message that I didn’t have a Mater hub. later I deleted ihost from Google Home and wanted to pair it again. But pairing was not possible. the application did not find the ihost device.

In the Pairing page from the Matter tab, check it there’s any connected service. If you’re under iOS, iHost will be automatically paired to Apple Keychain. Remove that from the iHost WebUI and try to pair again with Google Home.

The first time you add ihost via matter to Google Home successfully was v1.12.0 ?
as @Faber_GS say, you can clear all fabric on ihost’s web and try again.

The first time it paired normally.

I have deleted everything from ihost.

I start pairing on ihost, a QR code is displayed, it scans in the Google Home application, it searches for the device and then there is a message to check the ihost user manual.

maybe NSpanel Pro is causing some conflict

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I tried again, and the error persists.

I sent feedback with the log download.

I also have the same problem after the update to the new version 1.12.0 I can no longer pair Alexa with ihost, several attempts but with negative results.

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may you Message me your system log? thx.

After a few hours, I managed to add ihost to Google Home again. But all devices show offline.

Can you Message me your ihost system log?

It stops at the credentials generating stage. It then prompts you to check the post-processing instructions and/or displays a message about the need to connect to the network.

I sent feedback

after several attempts now my alexa is connected to iHost via matter, now I see the devices connected to ihost inside my alexa app “motion sensor, temperature sensor, energy meter, virtual device”.
But I don’t see the devices that I integrated into Alexa “coffee machine socket” in iHost.

Did your devices have sensible names when Alexa saw them?

Most of mine are what looks like the ID number, but some are these really long IDs and occasionally I get things like ‘switch 1, switch 2’ etc.

hi ok, the names of the devices looked like alpha numeric codes like this “a4f7:tC42:dF54: …” so they included me in my Alexa app, I had to rename all the devices even iHost appeared like this!

Even the devices you had already named in iHost were now named gobbledygook? I haven’t logged into my iHost since joining Alexa to it. Luckily my node Red automations still are working. I assume under the cover the nodes use device IDs. To be honest I mostly joined Alexa to it because I wasn’t sure which year of echo dot 3 I had. I am beginning to regret it.

My iHost cast names remain sensible.

Honestly, after pairing with Alexa the devices I have in iHost remained with the same name I had originally set.

Both in Alexa and on the iHost or just on the iHost? I definitely have gobbledegook in the Alexa App.

only on Alexa