Hub matter problem

Why when trying to add my ihost to google Home, according to the thread “eWeLink CUBE: How to use the Matter Bridge” I get the message ‘To configure and control the device in Google Home, you need a control panel that supports the Matter standard’, after all I am just trying to connect such a device, what is the point? To be able to connect to Google Home Ihost which is a Matter hub I need to have another Matter hub? Wtf?

You must have Hub Matter on the Google Home platform.

thats issue with matter concept itself , not related to ewelink or other companies , the idea to use any matter device with any matter hub , but in your case is using a matter bridge to connect to matter hub , so you need a google home hub to make it work


Firstly, Matter Hub and Matter Bridge are two completely different devices:

In short, Matter Hub/Controller controls other Matter devices which include Matter Bridge.

iHost is now a Matter bridge. When you want it to work with specific brands via Matter, you would need that brand’s Matter Hub.

For instance

Nest Mini Gen2 for Google Home
HomePod for Apple Home

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I understand, that is, matter in ihost is just a bridge to the matter controller.

Thank you for leading me out of my mistake.