Support for iHost in Google Home with Matter

Since v1.1.12 I am able to add my iHost to Google Home using the Matter Bridge configuration page. However those devices remain “offline” on Google Home so I can’t use them.

Here is the Matter Bridge added in iHost

My device list on iHost does show 9 supported devices.

I’m currently running eWeLink CUBE v1.13.0 and Google Home on an Android smartphone.

When I open Google Home I see the following

Am I missing something or is Google Home not supported ?


You must have Matter Hub from Google (e.g. Nest Hub (2nd gen))

Thank you! I assumed that my Google Home enabled JBL speakers (Authentics 300) would be the Google device but I understand now that it has to be a Google nest.

For everyone else wondering I purchased a “Google Nest Mini gen 2” and it enabled controlling my iHost devices in Google Home. Except for a third party thermometer. So it’s not just the Google Nest Hub.