iHost can bridge Wi-Fi devices to Matter controllers too

Different from Zigbee-specific Matter Bridges, iHost with eWeLink CUBE can port connected Wi-Fi devices to Matter Controllers like NSPanel Pro and Google Nest mini.

It is limited to devices supporting LAN control, you can check this on your device detail page in the eWeLink app.

Also, I tested some Wi-Fi Yeelight lights connected via ewelinkcube-yeelight-lan addon, they worked with Matter Bridge too!

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When will ihost become Hub Matter?

Is this really something new? It was already happening before Chinese New Year. That is, for a few weeks at least now.
There is a problem with this, which I have written about twice on the forum. It makes a loop, because devices mapped from iHost via Matter return to iHost via the eWeLink add-on. Which is more or less like the official eWeLink add-on to Home Assistant does. Anyone testing these at all? Do you communicate with one another?

Nothing new, just a heads up/tip as there are still a lot of users who don’t know how Matter bridge works on iHost and what devices it can “bridge.”

Regarding the “loop” issue you mentioned, this is something that could potentially occur with any brand that produces both Matter controllers and bridges. But it’s not an actual loop; it’s more like a Matter duplicate as sub-devices under the NSPanel Pro.

Our product team is looking into the case, hopefully exploring ways to smooth things out a bit like a device filter for Matter Bridge.