iHost Matter Bridge Support for More Device Type like Door Lock

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Regarding the matter bridge of Ihost , currently the supported types are door contacts , motion occupancy , rgb light , temp/humd sensor & generic switch , my question when the other types will get support such as : smart locks , window shutter (cover or roller ) , multi sensor devices such as occupancy & temp or door contact with temp sensor , and devices with energy meter ? also i noticed that devices added to nspanel pro (matter devices) are not being synced to ihost and cant be used as smart security devices .

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i think my post mostly are to matter nspanel

  • Some multi-sensor devices should be supported now; others may be coming in the next version. Matter Bridge need more twists to work with the new Zigbee component.

  • Cover/Blind is also supported now.

  • For energy entity, Google/Alexa/Apple/ST has yet to support Matter 1.3, and the spec just opens for certification, meaning it won’t come that soon.

They are completely different roles in Matter at the moment; my answers above were for iHost’s Matter Bridge

yes i got it , what about matter at nspanel , will they support the rest of types any time soon or each type takes plenty of coding and time ?

NSP need more work to stabilize while adding new device types:

Here are upcoming ones, as I mentioned before:

  • Dimmable Light
  • On/Off Light
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