iHost Matter bridge - issues on reboot

Hi there!
The Matter Bridge on my iHost is added to Homekit and Alexa.
Upon rebooting it (lack of power, for instance), two issues will happen:
1 - Alexa will re-pair every device, loosing every routine on it, and some will appear as SONOFF only. Also, it won’t configure as the correct type as configured on iHost;
2 - On the Home app: I have to disconnect the active Hub manually (since the Home app won’t let me choose one) and force it to connect to another one. Until then, every device will appear unresponsive on the Home app.

Are those known issues?
Thank you!

Hi ! may you give me your ihost sys log ?

Typical behaviour. It was supposed to be corrected, but nothing came of it, as you can see. The problem seems to be with Alexa, as the process of adding Matter devices is not working as expected. Overall, Matter is still a toy for the determined and patient. And this applies not only to iHost.

Yes, as you said, Matter is still in the development stage. ThirdParty-Matter Hub always behavior inconsistently. We have made many attempts and hope that one day in the future, Matter Interconnect!

In the case of Alexa, the problem with the spontaneous addition of devices is broader and does not only affect Matter. For example, if you’re using Hue Bridge (including emulated), the mess of meaninglessly added devices and their names is similar. I’ve been using Alexa for a few years now and it’s been like this for as long as I can remember. When editing on the website was possible, it was bearable. Now everything has to be done in the app, which pretty much sucks.


Absolutely, I have downloaded tar.gz file (about 32mb), is that my sys log, or do you want just a file from it?

Yes, send it via feedback or via message to @hiconkong .