[Solved] Matter Bridge from iHost frequently show Become unavailable status in Home assistant

Hi, I have a problem about Matter bridge from iHost to home assistant (another machine), I can control , check status work fine. But in logbook was frequently show Become unavailable.

From this issue, My automate about timing such as Open Pump 10 minute then close will not work.

Please kindly suggest.

Did you have to do anything to make the devices work over matter?

So far I’ve matched several things by looking at the device ID on the iHost and looking at that name in Home Assistant, including my Zigbee back door and a Zigbee mini and opening/closing the door and turning off and on the switch does nothing. I get frequent disconnects too.

I’m thinking this is Matter over LAN and when the iHost gets Matter over thread things will get better. I have a thread usb dongle but I don’t think it is used as if I remove it it makes no difference, although I couldn’t control much anyway.


Do you have other Matter controller? is this device normal in other platforms? And how about other devices connected via the Matter bridge?

In my case I once countered all device going unavailable, and I remove/pair the hub again. They returned normal.

Also, you may want to try toggle on the beta option in Matter Add-on tab (back up before the move) and see if it would fix the issue. HA keeps modifying the Matter experience and some touch might mess up your setup.

I think most Matter bridges are based on Matter-over-wifi or ethernet. And even if you have a thread dongle, iHost won’t use it as of now. But I haven’t tested if it would work with HA core running on iHost via docker, it should be able to act as an Open Thread Border Router in your LAN

I have an Echo Dot but I deleted it from the iHost so I think Id need to start again. Device IDs appeared but I don’t know if any devices worked because I never got round to matching device ID to name on Alexa before deleting it.

I tried turning on the Beta on the Matter Server Add on. No effect. I still can’t do anything and opening/closing the door had no effect on the log for the back door.

Today, I got Matter server updated in Home assistant, It seem fixed.

Thanks everyone for suggestion.

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