Disconnected from Alexa again

Today, unexpectedly and without any action from my side, the iHost Matter bridge connection to Amazon Alexa was severed. Re-connection fails. I give up because it is a waste of time to try again. Fortunately, the collaboration with the voice assistant via Alexa skill supported by Paral-sync works very well.
Overall, Matter’s performance is very disappointing and doesn’t bring anything in particular to facilitate device interoperability. Well, I will wait until Matter matures and eWeLink finally embraces pairing with Alexa. So far, much ado about nothing of value :unamused:

Of course, as in previous versions of CUBE, the eWeLink-Remote disconnected as a result of the Matter bridge losing its connection to Alexa. A reboot was required and some scenes needed to be corrected. I know that eWeLink-Remote Control in iHost is a pilot feature, but it could eventually start working anything better.
I would also add that connecting the Matter bulb to the NSPanel Pro is extremely annoying. It takes a long time and requires several attempts. The bulb is connected to the network almost immediately, then the sick fun begins. In contrast, connecting a Zigbee bulb takes no more than 2-3 minutes. Who says that Matter makes things easier?

Matter makes things easier “theoretically” :rofl: and these failure may not be caused by vendors but also these big platforms like HomeKit and Alexa.

But I would admit, Matter is still sweet when it works, making automation in different platforms running simultaneously is a powerful capability.

hello, can you provide the model number of the eWeLink-Remote you are using, is it a Sonoff device?

Yes, the remotes are Sonoff R5 and S-Mate. All are Sonoff brand, and all are unresponsive when this occurs.
It looks like the eWeLink-Remote subsystem suffers from Matter pairing, both successful and unsuccessful attempts. It’s always down after taking steps to pair Matter bridge. To restart it, you need to reboot iHost. No other measures seem to help. Switching off and on eWeLink-Remote Control in Pilot features doesn’t change the situation. It is like that since the introduction of Matter pairing.
I have reported this problem about 3 times now. This is like the 4th time. I know the function is a pilot, but having ignored this glitch it seems to work very well.
By the way, please explain the possibility of pairing eWeLink-Remote with iHost iNSPanel Pro at the same time. What can this be used for and how, in your opinion, one can solve the problem of potential scene conflicts? Avoid creating scenes or what?

Very strange.
There was a mention of R5 in your private message to me about the 1.13.1 upgrade, and my testers and I paid special attention to R5 and S-MATE prior to the 1.13.2 release, and they were added under the iHost gateway by Add eWeLink Remote, and both behaved normally before and after Matter pairing.
Is the R5 failure scenario you mention a must-have evrytime?

In the log you submitted to me via Zendesk on January 19th for ticket number 200068, the developer did not find an anomaly.
Taking the liberty of requesting this again, can you document when the issue occurs and submit the syslog via Zendesk when the issue occurs? :thinking:

All right. No problem. I will attempt to pair with Alexa later today and recreate the situation.

I totally agree :man_shrugging:

Here you are - ID 200474. The problem appeared again just after the unsuccessful pairing with Alexa.

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