SNZB-01P to alexa via iHost Matter Bridge

Good afternoon.

I have five SNZB-01P buttons that I can’t transfer via iHost Matter Bridge to Alexa, anyone with the same problem?

I can only see them on Alexa via the eWeLink skill if I add them to a ZBBridge-P or an NSPanel Pro.

Does anyone know why they don’t pass if you add them directly to iHost via Matter Bridge?

I have everything updated to the latest firmware versions.


You can first check the compatibility of each platform for Matter device access, Apple, Google and Amazon are different, and some types of devices are currently not supported by them. Perhaps we could spend some time compiling and maintaining a list of devices supported by each platform that ihost can access via matter.

Well, maybe you should do that!

So based on your answer, the problem will be Google, Amazon and Apple, right?

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As far as we know, only the Home app currently supports single-click programing buttons。
More infomations you can check: