【Pilot Feature】Matter Bridge is available!

At present, the product is undergoing certification testing in the certification laboratory authorized by CAS Alliance. After the certification is completed, the DAC will be received, and the official version can be released at that time - it is Beta until the certification process is completed

Is the concurrent list of available Matter types?
I have read somewhere that switches and lights work but are there now more? Is there a webpage that is updated with this information?

Similarly: was thinking about flashing really old devices that don’t have a local mode with Tasmota, for example b01 & POW V1, but then realised I might not be able to control them in the iHost. Is there a current list of which devices work in Tasmota on a webpage somewhere?

The schedule is:

  • November release official version (including CSA Alliance certified CD certificate) - Only switch devices and lighting devices are supported
  • December added support for wireless buttons, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, PIR sensors and door sensors
  • January 2024 , some motor equipment and some thermostat equipment are supported

Thanks. Good to know. How do the new devices fit in to the plan? Thinking of in particular the TRV and Presence Sensor.

Actually, realised I’m assuming you are talking about Matter Bridge. I did also ask about the Tasmota docker on the iHost. Correct to think the plan relates to Matter? The other thing I can’t find is what can the USB port on the iHost now do and what is the plan? If I can use SSD is there a way to move across from the SD/TF card to an SSD?

Currently, the USB port can be attached to storage devices and various USB dongles, and then you can use the USB port on the Addon of various functions you have developed - for example, a customer connected an RS485 adapter via USB to access a Modebus device. So it’s useful for developers right now.

If you’re just an eWeLink CUBE user, it doesn’t really have any role in the system right now.

is the release date of the November version known or does it depend on the date of issuing the certificate.

Will the November version allow you to add ihost to Google Home or the SmartThings application?

What stage is the Nspanel pro certification process at? Will he also be certified now?

I had an SD card for Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 3B die and it was very annoying, so the memory storage is actually useful. Maybe I was just unlucky but I’d much prefer an SSD. Is there a way to move from an SD card to a USB mass storage device if we’re already using an SD card?

Good morning, in the photos there are two Zigbee Curtain modules.

iHOST uses them almost perfectly (reverses open with closed) but “Matter Bridge” indicates that the modules are not compatible with Alexa.

When do you think it will be possible to manage the shutters or curtains


As a completion of the message sent before, I also tried the Sonoff Dual R3 wifi models.

Of course Ihost uses it through Dockere - WeLink Smart Home but the “Matter Bridge” can’t see it.


I’m very anxious about their setup… thanks

I forgot I also tried the buttons on the Vimar 16494 Idea in zigbee mode but they don’t work.

Last thing I read was that the matter Bridge only works for really simple stuff, but that was in a post months ago, so I don’t know what has changed. They should have a webpage listing the up-to-date types of device bridged so people didn’t need to come here to ask. Same applies to the types of Tasmota devices available - no idea what the current state is.

Willing to bet neither of those devices are compatible with bridging yet, but don’t know how to check.

The list above is the nearest we’ve got though

But it’s from November 1: my reading of it that the dual should work this month, but no idea what date this month and the curtain motors is planned for January. That is if matter have standardised dual relay switches themselves to enable them to appear.

Connecting iHost as a Matter-hub to Amazon Alexa was simple and straighforward. There was a noticeable delay in response from the Alexa phone app, which is worth taking into account. Do not be discouraged and just wait patiently. Confirmation of a successful connection will show up on the iHost CUBE much sooner.
All devices reported in iHost as ‘supported’ have been connected. However, Alexa shows them under twisted names (e.g. “Eleventh Plug” or Second Device"). The names given in iHost are not mapped. Therefore, when you add them to Alexa, you have to go through them all and give them friendly names. iHost is listed as “First Device” and in the extended tab has a note that it is a Matter hub.
I would suggest that it should be possible to select the devices and/or groups you want to connect. For example, all Zigbee. In this way, it will be possible to avoid duplicating devices previously added with the eWeLink Alexa Skill or to skip those we do not want to add. Of course, the skill can be switched off but it’s good to have both options in scope.
All Zigbee light sources are now voice controlled (finally!), which I like a lot. I have IKEA GU10 bulbs (LED2104R3 and LED2106R3) and an IKEA LED driver for wireless control (ICPSHC24-10EU-IL-2). It is even possible to dim and brighten or to set the intensity of the light (in percentage or “brighter/darker”). With the LED2106R3 bulb, it is also possible to change the colour of the light (say “Alexa, set XXX to warm white”). All devices connected via Pilot Feature are reported as “TestVendor smart device” and that they are connected via iHost (because I changed the name). The iHost itself shows as a “Sonoff smart device” hub type).
So far this looks very good and adds useful features that I have been waiting for since the day I first launched iHost.

In my case, for now I only have 2 devices connected to ihost: a mini r4 (wi-fi) and a avatto zigbee 3 channel relay. After connecting ihost to my echo 8 via matter, the r4 is recognized as a “socket”, but it works, I can turn it on/off. The avatto relay works just fine with ihost, all channels recognized and synched correctly, and in ihost it shows up as a supported matter device. However, it never shows up on Alexa. only the r4 does. I know that tuya devices are not guaranteed to work with ihost, but I just wanted to mention it.

same issue here…

The division between ‘socket’ and ‘light’ is symbolic and is unlikely to have anything to do with the correct functioning of the devices. This can be corrected by editing the properties on the device card. Besides, Alexa does not offer choices other than ‘light’ and ‘plug’. So whatever it truly is, it has to become one of these two. This is probably about the subsequent handling and behaviour of the assistant (so called “hunches”). I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that.
Is Avatto reported by CUBE on iHost as supported? Have you checked it out?
Check if your Avatto is listed in Alexa under a completely unrelated name (like “Tenth plug”). In my case, it was even weirder with NSPanel :slight_smile:

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I just enabled the Matter support in my iHost to bridge with the Echo Pop I just bought.
The Alexa App on my phone did find all the ZBMINIL2 switches I have in the house (18) with funky names of course (that I did change)
They are working fine (either through voice control or through the App)

The only problem I see is that each of these switches have a status: “l’Appareil ne repond pas” (french) which I guess means: “The device is not responding”
But even with that status, they are responsive…
The only drawback is that any time I trigger a voice command through the Echo Pop, it DOES work (light switches on/off) BUT Echo answer through the speaker that the device is not responding (which is a bit annoying)
And also in the App I cannot see the status of the light (On/Off ?) even if it is working properly.

Any idea how to solve this ?

EDIT: I noticed that if I trigger one device. Then the message disappears and I can see the status of the device within Alexa App (android). But after a while, the message pops up again (stating Device not responding). So it seems that somehow, Alexa loses the connection to the devices even though the devices are still controllable.


Hello! Great to see that iHost is finally Matter certified! Do we have a spreadsheet with known bugs/enhancements reported for this feature? I have a couple that I would like to report:

These were found while testing iHost paired to Apple HomeKit and Home Assistant using Matter

[Enhancement] Names are not syncronized between iHost and target platform during first setup:
Judging by the names it looks like iHost is reporting the Id as the name when pairing the bridge for the first time, this makes it very time consuming to identify each device and name it correctly.

[Bug] Missing Manufacturer, serial number and model in device information card from target platforms:
Just like the enhancement above, having the manufacturer, serial number and model would make it easier to identify the device paired, I can see those values when using HomeBridge, so I believe those can be exposed to Matter as well.

[Bug] After iHost reboot, some devices are re-registered in target plataforms reseting their names and configuration:
I’ve seen this happen in other Matter Bridges as well but after a reboot, some devices are removed and registered from a target platform, so if I named a device “Motion Sensor”, after rebooting iHost there’s a chance that this device is removed from the platform and added again, this behavior resets the device name and breaks automations/configurations tied to them. I’m guessing this is due to the devices being offline or in a sleep state as I could see this behavior happening more in zigbee battery powered sensors.

[Bug] Contact Sensor state is not updated in target platforms:
I have a Aqara Door and Window Sensor paired via Zigbee2Cube, its exposed to Matter but the state is not updated in target platforms even though it is updated in iHost:

(Fechado = Closed)

Captura de tela 2023-12-01 085507

Attached are the logs for the matter bridge, let me know if I can provide any other information.
bridge-app.zip (119.3 KB)

Thanks for your feedback.Your suggestion is quite meaningful and we will optimize it in subsequent versions.

[Bug] After iHost reboot, some devices are re-registered in target plataforms reseting their names and configuration
There are some question which may help us to locate the bug。
1.Wasn’t you rename the devices on Matter Beta Version and OTA to V1.12.0?
2.The bug only occur on multi toggle device?

  1. Not on this case, before upgrading to 1.12.0 I removed iHost from all paired platforms, updated to 1.12 and then paired again.

  2. I could see this bug happening in a Contact Sensor, Power Outlet (1 channel) and a Multi togle device (Remote switch with 3 actions)

Below is a video of me reproducing this error:

In the video I renamed 3 devices, sent a reboot command to iHost, after a couple minutes the devices disappear from Homekit and reappear with the old name. I was able to reproduce this error everytime I renamed the device and rebooted iHost.

With the exception of the Power Outlet, the sensors are all battery powered devices. I’m not really sure how it works but maybe after a reboot, iHost can’t ping the battery powered devices and might assume that they were removed and maybe after iHost receive an “alive” message from the sensors, they are added back into the platform. Again, I have no idea, just brainstorming here hahahaha

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The other three devices on Outro Room are both sync from ihost via matter?

Yes! Those are Tuya light switches connected via zigbee2cube