🚀 Share your ideas about eWeLink CUBE 2.0

eWeLink CUBE V2.0.0 is now available via SONOFF iHost, let us know about your thoughts!

New Features:

  • Device pages now display card components based on device capabilities.

  • Added “Display As” feature, now you can choose default icons or upload images to customize unique icons.


  • Optimized the process of adding Zigbee sub-devices, reducing the pairing time.

  • Optimized the default device icons.

  • Single-click, double-click, or long-press now can be set as triggers for wireless switches in smart security.

  • Due to the official discontinuation of “oznu/homebridge” add-on maintenance, it has been replaced with “homebridge/homebridge” in the iHost docker add-on list. Users can manually uninstall it and then run the “homebridge/homebridge” add-on to ensure continued maintenance. Please kindly note that data from the “oznu/homebridge” add-on cannot be migrated to “homebridge/homebridge” add-on.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the issue where the Internet could not be accessed after re-plugging the Ethernet cable.

  • Resolved the problem where the reconnection audio played repeatly after re-plugging the Ethernet cable.

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Docker addons disappear after 2.0…… ?

it’s cool, but…where backup ?

I guess probably in 5.3… :slight_smile:


homebridge is showing token error. However, the entire configuration is correct!
iHost in version 1.14 is normal but in version 2.0 it has this problem!

[homebridge-plugin-ewelink-cube] openapi response { error: 110006, data: {}, message: ‘check control permission fail!’ }

Same error is happening in NodRed

the only one that doesn’t have a problem is the eWeLink Smart Home because it had an update today!

I believe it’s because the card only has 2GB, if I’m not mistaken, it requires more space to work!

What?! Remove the dot between 5 and 3. Generally, in the future.


Add the possibility to create Zigbee Grouping, with broadcast messages.

And, now, the ability to add Matter devices too.

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Please download logs from the two add-ons and send them to us.

Thx in advance.


Could u plz download system logs from the settings page and send them to us?

Many thanks!

2.0 is not work corretly.
When working through tailscale, a blank screen opens.
when working directly, it is not possible to update dockers, the buttons are located outside the screen and there is no scrolling either

Can you take a screenshot of your iHost?
Just to make the problem more clear.

How to update node-red?

There is nothing to share in my humble opinion, guys.

It’s a 1.14 without a buzzer noise, played on a loop randomly at night, which was annoying my wife. I appreciate the new icons and other changes, but they don’t address any of the criticisms users have voiced over the past several months. Unless something massive happened deep ‘under the hood,’ this is a plain boring nothingburger. Cool for 1.14.3. 2.0? Nah… Cheers.

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Anything else you expected? It was the same with the last NSPanel Pro update. Sham moves.

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Nope. Went for HA@pi5 a month ago. I’m pulling the plug on iHost and Sonoff altogether. Given current progress CUBE won’t meet my expectations even in version 117.0

I’m here for the laughs, dude :sunglasses:

You throw away all Sonoff devices?

So we can go so far as to say that another satisfied customer who will be waiting for new products from Sonoff… :slight_smile: