NSPanel dead or not?

@yitie @ward @Teki @Alexie Hello, hello. Wake up call.
I am curious to know if and when eWeLink will address the NSPanel software (not pro). Nothing has happened for many months, which is embarrassing for eWeLink. You only have to look at some of the projects to see what this device can do in a hardware sense. If you have abandoned NSPanel definitively and nothing is going to be done, please send a clear message to users.

Tell us about your feature proposal: Do something. Anything. Or start selling noodles.


the update was supposed to be in May. question which year.:grin:

These dates are as fluid as Chinese New Year… :slight_smile:


It’s in development by Sonoff and should arrive as soon as this week.

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Let’s hope it’s not an upgrade like the last one for NSPanel Pro, which fixed little and introduced new bugs as well as a bizarre interface.

@ward I will drop dead if the new software bears even a slight resemblance to this design.

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