NSPanel June upgrade

An update to version 1.5 has just been reported. The delayed storm has arrived. We’ll see if it ends with thunder in the distance or if the heavy rain of innovation wipes users out.

Note 1: The progress of the update is very slow. At times it gives the impression that it has stopped. Patience is therefore needed. Especially since eWeLink Web informs you almost immediately that the update has failed, which is not true.
Note 2: After 15 minutes, progress is 92%. Every so often stalls. You have to wait patiently, feed the monkey :monkey: and not touch anything.
Note 3: After almost 20 minutes, the update was successful. The only noticeable change is a third wallpaper to choose from. All black, no drawings. The rest is basically the same. Nothing new or I can’t get it with my mind. This storm is therefore not quite husky. Just winds in the pillows.

This update is a joke, ladies and gentlemen.


Head of dev:

Real Estate Brand GIF by Hitveksh

“Exciting new features for better experience, yo!”

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Wtf are you wining ab no need for new things we need a working temp whit decimals now we got it and it works we have a usable panel :smiling_face::+1::ok_hand:

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I am also extremely pleased with the quantum leap of adding the decimal point. Without it, NSPanel was just a miserable toy. Get a haircut, man.

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0.5° C hysteresis setting now available in thermostat settings!
and most important device state out of thermostat time range available

Please note these settings can only be saved when the thermostat function is ON!

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Why can’t I add the Sonoff TRVZB as a working thermostat?

I Think the problem for TRVZB is not NsPanels firmware its TRVZB firmware that need an update so NSpanel kan speak whit it

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You’re wrong. TRVZB handling in NSPanel was to be introduced. In the future of course, as you may guess. The future is now and there’s no such functionality in this very long awaited update.
They have done something, anything, at eWeLink so that there is a new version. This is not enough, given the track record of projects such as the NSPanel Lovelace UI, for example.

Ok im happy i now can use my NSPanel hope there come a fw that fixes your problem :+1:


This is not a problem for me and it is not my problem. The problem is Sonoff/eWeLink offering devices whose software consists mainly of marketing and future promises. Read the posts on this forum and you will see how satisfied users are and what they think about it.


Senhores , Boa tarde . Sou novo aqui no Forum !!!
Executei a atualização e deu erro, na tela do NSPANEL fica a mensagem “System data Error” , alguma dica ?

Please contact SONOFF support:

Thx in advance.