NSPanel thermostat ON-OFF interval

I use a Th Elite for the temp reading and relay comand for the NSPanel thermostat. In the settings I have +/-1° set, but the thermostat does +/-2° , I tested this multiple times. This is how I imagine the code ex. Set temp 21°
ON<(21°-1°) 21° (21°+1°)<OFF
And it ends up turning on at 19° and off at 23°.

Can someone confirm my theory. And someone else fix the issue. I would like to use the NSPanel as a thermostat, but with +/- 2° is too much.
Could you change the <> to <=>= if it really works like I described. Or please make the NSPanel use and work with decimals (20,5°).

I will attach a link with video proof of what I described, the +/-2° and not +/-1°

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I see that just like the eWelink support center, nobody here gives a f*** about this topic @eWeLink. I really appreciate that all your effort are going towards selling the new iHost.

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I agree with you, the thermostats are not usable as room thermostats, the adjustment is just too big

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They know, they don’t care. They will say that sonoff designed the device poorly… hardware problem… But if the hardware provides a 0,1C° accuracy

Totally agree! Is impossible to use it like a thermostats

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