NSPanel thermostat ON-OFF interval

I use a Th Elite for the temp reading and relay comand for the NSPanel thermostat. In the settings I have +/-1° set, but the thermostat does +/-2° , I tested this multiple times. This is how I imagine the code ex. Set temp 21°
ON<(21°-1°) 21° (21°+1°)<OFF
And it ends up turning on at 19° and off at 23°.

Can someone confirm my theory. And someone else fix the issue. I would like to use the NSPanel as a thermostat, but with +/- 2° is too much.
Could you change the <> to <=>= if it really works like I described. Or please make the NSPanel use and work with decimals (20,5°).

I will attach a link with video proof of what I described, the +/-2° and not +/-1°


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I see that just like the eWelink support center, nobody here gives a f*** about this topic @eWeLink. I really appreciate that all your effort are going towards selling the new iHost.


I agree with you, the thermostats are not usable as room thermostats, the adjustment is just too big


They know, they don’t care. They will say that sonoff designed the device poorly… hardware problem… But if the hardware provides a 0,1C° accuracy

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Totally agree! Is impossible to use it like a thermostats


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Hi there,
it seems that you have encountered an issue with the NSPanel thermostat where the temperature range is not working as expected. Based on the knowledge, setting the temperature range to +/-1° in the settings should result in the thermostat turning on/off at the desired temperature. However, it appears that the thermostat is actually turning on/off when the temperature reaches +/-2°, which is not what you were expecting.

We understand that this is frustrating for you, but we want to let you know that this is due to the design of the product where the numbers being used are integers greater than 1. As a solution provider, we have previously suggested to the SONOFF team to adjust the design in this area, but we have not yet received a response indicating that they will make changes to the current design.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please know that as a solution provider, we can only provide suggestions to the SONOFF team regarding modifications to the product’s functionality.

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Thanks for your response @StephenJ . So I am assuming this is a hardware issue not a software adjustment?


If you all agrees that is Sonoff the one who should make adjustments, please let them know somehow. Because they’re support is not that responsive towards users.
But I think we can agree that is not an actual hardware probleme, firmware shure, but it’s impossible to be a limitation of the components inside.

Thank you for your time.
Please help me make this feature of the device usable.

Hi there, this is not actually a “hardware issue”, but rather a matter that requires collaboration between eWeLink and the manufacturer. eWeLink has provided a solution based on the product design provided by the manufacturer, but certain numerical design aspects are determined by the manufacturer and cannot be changed by eWeLink.

As a solution provider, we can only make suggestions to the manufacturer regarding modifications to the product’s functionality. I suggest that you also reach out to the manufacturer about this request. I believe that the modification can be implemented through the joint efforts of both the eWeLink team and our users.

Sonoff have replied to me:

Hi, it would be a request, we will forward it to our technical department, and they will double-check if we can support or not in the future.

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Any news on this?
Almost a month passed so if you really started an internal discussion, something should have been concluded.

As per the previous posts, you need to contact Sonoff. The more of us that do this the more chance of change!

Neither Ewelink nor Sonoff does give a :poop: about the topic. We have to use open source firmware if we want to make their device work as the nice pics from there webpage shows. Because the big companies just sell, doesn’t matter what. It should be a simple fix, probably a day of code and a week for validation.


the trick is to use a 1 degree varient

Could you please explain? Thanks

Hi @automation can you please provide more detail on how you got round this please? Thanks

Sorry to drag this old one up again but it is fundamental problem with a major piece of functionality. One solution here could be to add a +/- 0 option in the app. As you say, the hardware uses whole degrees so that would in effect give us +/-1 as it would only shift up or down and trigger the heater device on a whole degree change. May still not be sensitive enough for some but I could definitely live with that , but as others have said, it is unusable at +/- 2 :frowning:

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The worse is that I personally try to make the problem clear for the Sonoff and Ewelink support for more than a year now. And maybe others where doing the same even before me. But I never saw a confirmation that yes we understand and will try to do something about it. They always say yes we will send it to the technicians or that is the other company’s fault Ewelink -Sonoff. So from what I see the emails I sent, the complains, suggestions,… Never reached a person who understands, they always stopped at the support Girls who probably never had a PCB in they’re hand.