NS PANEL thermostat accuracy

Hi. I have been using the NSpanels as room thermostat but find they are not accurate enough. Is it possible to add a +/- 0 to the adjustment menu? Also, in the UK our thermostats have ‘chronic logic’. They monitor the temperature and anticipate the demand, giving a much more even heat. Is this something you could look into?

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Make the thermostat function usable please for fu** sake

Any news on this please?

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Can I ask if anyone at eWeLink have looked at this yet? Is it possible to change the accuracy of the NS Panel to +- 0 to make it more accurate?

I suspect they don’t understand you because I live in the U.K. and don’t.

Do you mean the built-in temperature sensor? Because in the settings there is a calibration setting for that one. Mine is stuck at -25°C And the calibration is limited to + or - 10°C. I have asked a few times why it is stuck at -25°C but have almost given up. It can also display the temperature from TH and Zigbee Temp sensors but I don’t think they have the calibration function.

The Zigbee temperature sensors seem the best to me, although require a hub for the non-pro version. Was never very impressed with the built on sensor even when it worked.

The finest adjustment is +-1 which means the accuracy for 22 degrees will be 21-23 which is not accurate enough. I want it +-0 which will give it greater accuracy.