NS Panel used as thermostat: 2 things

Hi, I bought three Sonoff NS Panel EU to control heating in my home and my wine cellar.
First problem I have found is that the min temperature I can set in the thermostat is 16°. In my wine cellar I need to have 12° and is not possibile. Is it possible to change the min value to 10°?
Second point:
when I turn the thermostat to off, if it’s heating (I mean the button connected to heating valve is ON) it doesn’t turn-off the button connected to my heating valve.
I have to manually click the button to turn off the heating valve otherwise it continues heating until I turn thermostat on.
Thanks for a feedback


Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, the temperature support range for this device is currently limited to 16-31 degrees and cannot be set to 10 degrees. However, we have communicated your request to the SONOFF team and they have acknowledged it for consideration in future updates.

Regarding your second point, the thermostat can currently be turned on and set to a desired temperature range. The heating will then continue until it reaches the fixed value and will stop automatically.

also agree 16C is to high of a min temperature in colder countries, as some zones I may only want on frost protection 5-8C, and don’t want to be heating them to 16+ probably my biggest gripe with the NS panel as all other UK/EU stats will usually go right down to 5*c,

(heating engineer by trade but thought I would mix things up at home so I didn’t clutter my walls with thermostats and light switches all over but there are a few draw backs of the panels)


In addition to this, can we have the thermostat accuracy changed to include +/-0, at the moment the lowest it has is +/-1 which isn’t accurate enough.

Yes completely agree. And for me doesn’t even do +/-1° it does +/-2° even if it’s set to +/-1° (I made multiple tests)