NS Panel Thermostat <16 degrees?

Is there a technical reason why the lowest temperature limit of the NS Panel thermostat (heating) in the app is set to 16 degrees Celsius where as the TRVZB can be as low as 4 degrees Celsius?

16 degrees is too warm for certain circumstances, such as cellars, cool rooms, workshops or even living accommodation for some people, particularly if a room is unoccupied - it would be good if this limit can be reduced please.

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In addition to the temperature reduction, it would be really helpful if there could be more than 6 entries allowed on the heating schedule. I have run out of entries while setting different schedules for weekends from weekdays.

I had a use case to apply thermostats in a room size Wine Cellar and had to end using Tuya because of this temperature restrictions. It would be nice if Sonoff could allow to set the temperature of NS Panel below 16 centigrades…

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Let’s not wine-on about this feature :wink: hopefully a product manager could give some guidance.