NSPanel Pro as NSPanel remote termostat

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I have a simple NSPanel that controls the heating. I also bought an NSPanel Pro to control the heating from upstairs as second zone. Unfortunately, the “control” of the simple NSPanel thermostat doesn’t work as I expected… :frowning:
It can only be set as a thermometer (NSpanel internal or external sensor set on it), as a sensor and the controlled switch must also be selected. So it’s not what I expected, because I can set the opposite target temperature, which fools the switch that turns on the gas heater…
In my interpretation, the “treatment” would have been that the value set on the pro is also set on the plain NSPanel (as if you set it in the app, it is also set on the panel)!
Is this possible in the future?

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I’d like to info @Daniel_Zhan from SONOFF team to evaluate.

@matraiimi Your request is interesting, we will evaluate how to implement it better.

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Is it possible to lower the minimum temperature? I am trying to reduce the temperature to 7 degrees and it’s not possible below 16.

Can you inform me about state ?
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Hello. increase the range of the NSPANEL PRO thermostat (e.g. -20°C to +100°C) and add hysteresis (0.2 °C). I would like to use NSPANEL PRO to control the temperature of the freezer and water heater. Regards

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Hi guys!

This is task is actually again, because here is the winter! Can you priority this task?


Hi. Daniel_Zhan, yitie

"On Firmware V 2.0 released yesterday (NSPannel Pro), the changelog is saing:

Thermostat function optimization. Improved temperature control accuracy, the minimum adjustable unit is 0.5; added ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons; optimized thermostat interface"

Changes are necessary in the ewelink application

Increase the range of NSPANEL PRO thermostat? (e.g. -20°C to +100°C) and add hysteresis ( 0.2°C ).
I would like to use NSPANEL PRO in automatic mode to control the temperature of the freezer and water heater

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So, can histeresis be set to 0.1 degrees? If yes i need 400 pz.

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Hi guys,
Have you thought about introducing this function? Or shouldn’t we wait because it won’t happen…
it’s a joke that two devices with the same function (NSPanel and NSPanel Pro) cannot communicate with each other…

Hello Daniel!
Can the Nspanel Pro hysteresis to be set to for exampe 0.2°C?
1 °C is too much to use this as a well working thermostat.

Thanks, Bence

I also have an NS Panel and I expected more from it to be able to use it as a thermostat, but as of today it has not been improved, I hope they fix that and that it is compatible with sonoff ihost to be able to use it as a thermostat, because the synchronization with ewelink It is only for the lamp ignition channels.

Is it possible increase the range thermostat form 16°C-31°C to e.g. -20°C to +100°C
We need a controller like this for garden saunas