Thermostat control NSPanel Pro

I am trying to use the Thermostat control in NSPanel Pro to switch my central heating boiler on and off via one of the channels of a 4CHPro. I have set up a schedule in Thermostat via the Ewelink App to do this, using one of my SNZB-02 Home Temperature & Humidity Sensors. I note that though the NSPanel Pro switches on the channel at the correct time, if the room temperature has not reached the temperature set point by the scheduled off time, the thermostat control does not switch of the channel, hence the boiler continues to run. If the temperature setpoint is reached after the scheduled off time, the set point display does read ---- but the appropriate channel on the 4CHPro remains on, and has to be turned off manually in the eWelink app. Is there an upgrade due to fix this issue? The firmware on the NSPanel Pro I have currently is the latest v 2.2.0.
Also I note that when you change the temperature setpoint in the Ewelink App you get a message ! Current device type is heater, unable to reach your target temperature OK. Which is very strange as once you accept it, it changes the setpoint point. And finally why is the lowest set point only 16 deg C?

The nspanel pro thermostat is not suitable for temperature control. It is unreliable and has many shortcomings.
To control the temperature, use the scene set in the ewelink application. but this method also has limitations.
Lack of internet will result in the scene not being made.
To control Sonoff CH4Pro you need internet access.

It is best to use TH10 and TH16 with a temperature or temperature and humidity sensor. Sonoff TH16, after setting automatic mode in the ewelink application, works even without access to the LAN.
With a LAN connection, you can remotely change the temperature value in the ewelink application.

Hi thanks for your reply, Unfortunately I am not sure the TH10/16 will help me, as it appears to use one specific temperature probe to control the TH10 or 16 unit. I am looking to control the central heating based on time schedules over a week, and also control the room temperature of each room when the heating is selected on, and not the other way round. If I use a TH10/16 it’s really no better than what I have already, i.e. one room stat controlling the whole central heating. That’s why I was interested in the NSPanel Pro as it appeared to have the ability to select which sensor location you wanted to use to control the boiler. As you say the NSP{anel Pro is full of poor or illogical control programming. I have also note when you put the thermostat in the NSpanel Pro into manual control, the heating flag comes on and goes off before the actual signal is sent to the CH4Pro to turn it on or off by 0.5 deg C which for someone looking at the NSPanel Pro will be very confusing as they will think its on or off when its not. Also when you reselect auto the CH4Pro channel re-energises…useless!