NS Panel Pro requests

I am using an NS Panel Pro in one of our rental properties to control 5 electric radiators.

Having used it now for a couple of months I have some ideas and suggestions / requests for improving it

  1. Remotely rebooting NS Panel. Yesterday we had a power cut at the property. Although the NS Panel appeared to start up again and show online with the attached zigbee devices controlling the radiators, I was unable to get them to turn on and off properly. I’ve had to visit the property today and reboot the NS Panel and they appear to be working ok now. Being able to reboot remotely would be very helpful

  2. Thermostat temp - I know that this has been requested multiple times by others but it the NS Panel thermostat needs to be able to read and act in decimals. +/- 1 is too vague for good temp control. Minimum requirement should be +/- 0.5 and ideally +/- 0.1, which would then mirror the sonoff temp / humidity sensor which is what I’m using to measure the temp.

  3. Group control. Although I can now create a proper group for my radiators, there isn’t a choice to pick this group when I use the thermostat. It has a list of action devices and my 5 radiators are on there but not the group. Does this mean that I can pick any of the 5 and they will all activate due to being grouped. At the moment I have created 2 automated scenes whereby if one radiator (the lounge) is switched on, all are switched on and if lounge rad is switched off, all are switched off.

  4. Choice of action device for each thermostat period. At the moment you can only choose the action device once and therefore every heating period uses the same radiator / group of radiators.

However, in order to make things more controllable from a single NS Panel (and I don’t want multiple NS Panels at the property - just one smart thermostat), it would be really useful if the action device could be assigned for each heating period. This would mean that for example, in the morning I could heat the bedrooms and living rooms but at lunchtime I could just heat the living rooms.

Hope this all makes sense and could be actioned asap

Many thanks


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Hi there, thank you for your valuable suggestion regarding the NSPanel Pro feature. As the NSPanel Pro is one of the device models that use the eWeLink solution, we have forwarded your suggestion to the SONOFF team for their consideration. Additionally, we encourage you to reach out to the manufacturer directly with your request, as this may help speed up the evaluation process.

We appreciate your input and look forward to hearing more feedback from our users. Thank you for your support!

I have a question.
how to control minir4 wifi with eWeLink-Remote Control directly from nspanel pro screen

A helpful feature would be that if you turn off the thermostat on the ns panel pro or via the app that it turns off the device that the thermostat control’s. Otherwise we turn off the thermostat feature but the device keeps running.