Increase the range of the NSPANEL PRO thermostat (e.g. -20°C to +100°C)

Need increase the range thermostat form 16°C-31°C to e.g. -20°C to +100°C

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Going to boil eggs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hmm :slight_smile:

  1. heating for a garden hot tub
  2. sauna heating
  3. controlling the heating of the garden smokehouse
    and so on

…this will increase the applicability of the driver. Now it is limited to domestic use only

I need a controller like this for garden saunas
…and yes, why not? can also be used to cook eggs

I wanted to control the temperature of the freezer.

The topic has already been discussed before with the problem of hysteresis.

It’s good that they did it at least (+ - 0.5 °C)

Add one more to your list. Had a customer that wanted to use a thermostat in a room size wine cellar and NS Panel was discarded beacuase of that temperature range…