NSPanel Pro: is there an update or not?

@ward @Teki Some forum participants claim that there is a newer version than 3.0.1 of the NSPanel Pro software. eWeLink, probably embarrassed, does not mention anything about this. Nothing shows up in the device itself. Well, is there an update or isn’t there, for fuck’s sake?

there is update 3.1.0 and 3.2.0 for nspanel pro , and yes there is no news about it

i noticed i will never get update while screen saver turned on , must be turned off the screen saver and screen lock to 15 seconds , give it a try

Thanks for the hint. I’ll give it a try and will let you know about the results.
An open question: Can’t Sonoff/eWeLink do just one thing right for a change? Why do we need to meddle with settings that are not directly related to getting updates? This is really idiotic and irritating. Oh, yes. I forgot that they will improve soon, in the future.

i did post the same question , why i would turn off screen saver to get ota , doesnt make sense

It worked according to your instructions. Thanks.
I don’t see any ass-crushing changes. All in all, it’s not clear what has been improved, as mostly. There are still bugs in the interface. The application is still a mess, with no order or composition. It’s unclear whether they’ll ever get around to it in the foreseeable :boom:future :boom:.

That’s a guarantee trigger for OTA request, generally waking up screens, controlling devices on NSPanel Pro, or sync new devices should do this too.

What an innovative approach!
Couldn’t it just be a Check for updates button, as most manufacturers do? So simple and uncomplicated. Why doesn’t the push mode work and why doesn’t the update notification pop up?

@ward add button to nspanel menu

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