NSPanel Pro 3.0.1 Update Issue

Hi all
I have NsPanel Pro and I have the latest version 2.3.0 and I want to update to 3.0.0 Software update shows me 3.0.1 but when I click on it nothing happens. There is also a red triangle whit !.
Please help me whit update. What should I do? I tried restart, different wifi but no progress. Thank you

update it from the panel itself , go to settings then about , and there choose upgrade

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@ward @yitie @Alexie
Tell us, is there v. 3.0.1 for NSPanel Pro available or not? Is it just imaginary or is it another premature offering? Be consistent, please!


We released a small version - 3.0.1 - for bug fixes.

Where is it? No 3.0.1 in all available channels (panel, web, app). What is it supposed to fix? What’s more important, what does it spoil? :slight_smile:

I know how to update but it doesent work, that’s why I’m writing here for advice.


Could you please submit your log from your NSPanel Pro? Settings - About - Feedback - Submit. Make sure you see the toast of submit success (sometimes it may fail due to an oversized log and poor network connection.)

Please also provide your device ID. Our dev will take a look if it is an OTA issue.

Thx in advance.

Major fixes in V3.0.1 include:


• Optimized the loading time for devices with a high number of notifications, enhancing overall application performance.

Bug Fixes

• Resolved a display error in temperature and humidity sensor widgets on the home screen, ensuring accurate and seamless presentation of data.
• Addressed a potential crash issue associated with the Matter SDK, improving application stability and reliability.

Wonderful! How to get it? 0 device(s) available for upgrade.

I updated nspanel pro to version 3.0.1.
There are still problems with zigbee and matter devices.

  1. matter devices are very often offline.
  2. The SNZB-02D zigbee device is often offline.
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I confirm. bug fixed

Thank you.
I’ll do it in the evening around 6-7 PM, is that okay?
Do you want to write the ID here in the forum?

You can DM the ID, thx.

Sorry, what is DM? I dont know it. :confused:

Direct message.

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Hi. I bought new nspanel pro. First updated works great but later I reset it than version now 1.6.0 and can’t update? Also it says latest version.


Please try these steps for a force fetch from eWeLink server:

  1. Set screen timeout to 15s
  2. Disable screen server
  3. Wait for 15s and tap on the screen to wake it up
  4. Go check the update again

Why can’t a car be repaired this way? :red_car: :speech_balloon:

Hi, I have the same problem about NSPanel pro, it’s almost a month that has not updated to 3.0.1 version. Every time I check it from

the ‘settings-about’ software Update freezes to different percentage amount.
Thanks, Myron

Had the same problem.

Only solution was to reset it to factory and update it from there. This process will unpair all zigbee devices though. You can take it as a practice since my experience with 3.0.1 is that most of my TRVs and temperature sensors randomly disconnects and will not reconnect even if rebooted so you have to re-add them constantly.

Ohh and if your panel freezes during factory reset or won’t boot, just disconnect it from the power and plug it in again, 5 times for 3 sec. which invokes the reset and make you a disco light show at your home, if you panel is connected to the light circuit as mine lol.