IHost's Future Plans?

As said, since they don’t have enough resources to develop so many things they should rely on some external platform or, better, directly on some external platform’s plugins. Something like homebridge2cube or iobroker2cube.

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Disagree. Current version on CUBE is a hot pile of crap. No amount of weird albeit functional solutions can change this. Running big system in a container on another system to do things that the former is supposed to do is what I call bad practice.

Yes, that.
If making hardware is your forte make hardware. Help us run iobroker or HA natively and to hell with CUBE. Simple.

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Buying iHost just to run a container with other software in CUBE that will take over 99% of the functionalities that CUBE does not provide is absurd and expensive.

I would rather buy a cheap small x86 PC or SBC with ARM and create my own HUB. There is no point in paying for an iHost that is only equipment for CUBE operation and which does not meet many customer requirements. And I’m not talking about extreme compatibility with every device, it’s enough that everything under the Sonoff brand is 100% supported and every necessary option works in CUBE.


I agree that the current version of Cube is insufficient, for example there is no backup. But Cube isn’t meant to be a personal hub, Ihost yes. That’s why there are addons in docker and the api are open . And iobroker works very well with the ihost operating system.

But then it wouldn’t be a personal hub. I wouldn’t do anything about it. Then obviously Cube should do at least this.

I stand by what I have already said. Running iobroker on iHost to do things iHost is supposed to do may be resourceful but it only emphasizes how bad the original firmware is. If that floats your boat, so be it. No, this is not how things are supposed to work.

If I wanted iobroker I would have bought raspberry and run it natively without wasting resources on docker, right?
What’s it the point for their own firmware?
What is the point of Ihost?
If that’s the case sell iHost with iobroker pre-installed and don’t cheat clients with false promises of your own software.

But I’m repeating myself with same talking points. Nobody at Sonoff/ewelink/Itead has guts to hear the truth and do anything about the problem.

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Iobroker runs natively on ihost (it’s not like home assistant) and regardless on ihost you have to use addons with cube, e.g. ewelink smart home. Furthermore, ihost is better for iobroker than a rasperry.

Iobroker firmware is not just cube. It is linux, docker, etc

Why do you think it is so better? iHost is a 32-bit device, first of all. Secondly, ioBroker runs on iHost as a docker. On RPI it runs as Raspberry OS Lite, which is based on Debian 12. In other words, it runs as 64-bit OS.

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No it doesn’t. It runs in a container. That’s by definition not native. That’s the point. You are wasting resources just to run Ihost native firmware and docker which is completely unnecessary.
Ewlink CUBE is native. Iobroker/HA run in a container on top of CUBE are not native.

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For aesthetics, consumption and because it does not alter the performance of iobroker despite the 32 bit. I also put an asterisk server there and with iobroker and fritz I also have an automatic telephone dialer for alarm etc

Cool. That’s what drew my attention initially. Esthetics and small power consumption.


ioBroker publishes an official image for RPI. How does this supposedly change performance? What are you talking about?
Aesthetically how?

I wrote that iobroker’s performance on ihost is good. Obviously on more powerful hardware they will be better but there is not a big difference in performance

Actually I tested iobroker both under iHost and my x86 64 bit Synology Nas and I find it very slow and laggish under iHost. apart from that I don’t like iobrocker at all.


link - SONOFF Matter Hub

Ain’t gonna happen.

Anyone has an opinion about this?

it’s cool, but for what? almost everything can be done with docker HA.

Almost doesn’t equal everything. Some integration do not work. iHost is 32-bit piece of hardware and officially there’s no future for 32-bit HA(OS).
As far as HA on iHost is concerned, you need to read warnings about LAN interface. You need to check if the problem was resolved beforehand.