snzb-06P sensor node-red does not provide information about motion detection

snzb-06P sensor added to IHOST v2.0 in node-red does not provide information about motion detection. There is only information about rssi and illumination.

feedback 211737

Everything worked fine. The problem occurred when I removed the SNZB-06P sensor from Ihost. After adding the sensor to ihost again, there is no more information about motion detection in node-red.

We’ve checked the pic from feedback.
It’s the report of motion unavailable in iHost or unavailable in node-red?

This is a picture and Logs from node-red. Logs from ihost are over 55MB and could not be added.

So it’s both node-red and iHost that cannot report the status of motion?

In ihost the motion sensor status is displayed.
In node-red there is only a report about RSSI and brightness.

The problem affects all sensors. When adding sensors to IHOST CUBE v2.0 it is not possible to check the status in NODE-RED

Sensors added to ihost Cube 1.14 report status normally

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I just found that my problem has already been discussed on the forum.

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