iHost ignores the scenes

Hello! I am facing the problem that iHost sometimes ignores the scenes. There is a light in a bathroom and a motion sensor SZNB-06P. Sometimes the light doesn’t go on, when the motion is detected. In the sensor log I see that the motion was detected, but in the scences log there is nothing about any action… iHost was recently updated to 1.13.0 firmware…

I would guess it was lost to the network. Is it a wifi or Zigbee switch?
Instead of using the built in scenes on the iHost I almost always create them in Node Red now. One of the many advantages is that if it tries to activate a device and fails you can try and try again. I think the only extra node type that needs adding is a “count” node (to count how many attempts). Just beware the count node will output 0 when it is reset so you need an extra switch node to remove anything not 1 or greater. I only know this from watching the debug logs.

Thank you for a quick answer! Sorry, I forgot to write - it is ZBMINIL2… I thought about losing the connection, but if the connection fails it is written in the log, but mine is empty. It is like nothing happened… Accoding to Zigbee map the switch is using the sensor as a repeater and it is quite near, about 1 m.

Try recreating the scene in Node Red and connect a message using WhatsApp, Telegram or Pushover and see what messages you get.
If the device isn’t activated you get an error code. I don’t know what number corresponds to what but eWeLink support might.

They have done a YouTube video on WhatsApp, although I personally use Pushover and if I wanted entirely free I’d use Telegram instead.

There is also instructions on how to add Node Red somewhere, but I’m assuming you’ve already done this.

Can you describe in detail the detailed configuration of the non-functioning Scene?
Or you can download the system log on the settings page and submit it via Feedback to the eWeLink team for troubleshooting.

I have a problem with motion sensors, while trying to solve it I discovered that the scene itself is not always executed.
08-01-2024 08-52-27

On my CAST I saw that motion was detected, but the light did not turn on and there was nothing in the scene log about it. This is not a connection failure, it was simply ignored.

Hello, the ewelink team has located this issue, it may be a bug in the device, fixing it will take a little time :thinking:, please be patient.